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Hey, I’m Tracy, a South African Mom Blogger. I’m a Durban born, 33 year old wife and mom of two boys, Liam (9 years old) and Cole (1 year old, almost 2). I live in the good looking city of Cape Town. I’m a mom and I blog, so I’m mostly referred to as a ‘Mommy Blogger’ in the industry but I personally feel that this title is slightly limiting. Simply because the term ‘Mommy Blogger’ brings articles about breastfeeding and toddler tantrums to mind. I’ve written a few articles on those subjects and I won’t be stopping there, but, that is not all I blog about.

A little bit About Us

I’m a full time working mom, working for a corporate company, with loads of numbers, so this little blog helps me maintain balance in my life. It’s my place to unleash. I’m a creative by nature and love to throw my creativity into my blog and social pages. I’m lover of all colorful and tastey food, have a weakness for pointy and prickly plants and I love adding a chili to my plate (I guess that is how you can tell I’m a Durbanite ha!)


Lets Collaborate

Keen to collab? Or want to know more? Or perhaps you’re a mom that wants to chat about mom stuff! Get in touch with me for brand influence, ad campaigns, giveaways, product reviews and more. I know that each and every client have a different needs and each campaign is usually unique. So get in touch with me and let me know what your campaign/brand needs are. I’m happy to send you my media kit which has a little insight to my blog.

PS, find out more about us here or you can read all my motherhood journey here


Much love

Tracy xx



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