About Us

Hey there! I’m Tracy, a South African Mom Blogger. I’m a Durban born, 34 year old wife and mom of two boys, Liam (9 years old) and Cole (2 years old). I live in the good looking city of Cape Town. I’m a mom and I blog, so I’m mostly referred to as a ‘Mom Blogger‘ in the industry but I personally feel that this title is slightly limiting. When hearing them term ‘Mom Blogger‘, then articles about breastfeeding and toddler tantrums come to mind. I’ve written a few articles on those subjects and I won’t be stopping there, but, that is not all I blog about.


A little more about us

I’m a full time working mom, working for a corporate company, with loads of numbers, so this little blog helps me maintain balance in my life. It’s my place to unleash. I’m a creative by nature and love to throw my creativity into my blog and social pages. I’m a lover of all colorful and tastey, yet healthy food, and have a weakness for pointy and prickly plants. I love adding a chili to my plate (I guess that is how you can tell I’m a Durbanite ha!). I’m an aspiring crunchy mom so I always look for the natural route first in any given scenario but alot of the time life happens so theres that!


About us - South African Mom Blogger


I studied abit of web design through this online space of mine, I was finally able to put my web design skills to use. Its also the perfect space for me to release my creativity. Also, through blogging I found a love for photography. I find myself trying to perfect each and every picture I capture and share. I invested in a DSLR camera specifically for my blog, to help me creative great content. This explains why I have a semi-curated feed on Instagram, with the emphasis on ‘semi’ haha! It’s a constant work in progress. However, I strive to keep it real always. So whatever I’m writing about, you can rest assured that I am writing from my heart.


What do I write about 

Motherhood is the foundation of this blog. I often write about my motherhood challenges, milestones, parenting tips, kids toys and products reviews, schooling and more. I recently embarked on a natural hair journey, so you’ll find abit of that too. There is a big age gap between my kids so the challenges I face as a mom, are quite different between the two kids. Because of this, the articles I write don’t always focus on one particular age group.

For the new and expecting moms, I’ve written a number of articles for the first-time mom in the Dear first-time mom category. I’ve been writing those articles with the aim of equipping new and expecting moms for their wonderful journey ahead.

As a South African Mom Blogger I don’t only write about my kids though. You will find loads of yummy recipes, mom hacks, places we’ve visited, beauty products I love, fashion I adore and gadgets that work for me and more.


Keen to work with Liam & Cole The Blog – South African Mom Blogger? Send me an email to the following address, or send me your details here and I will be in touch.



Much love

Tracy xx

South African Mom Blogger