Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations

This December, we’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. I know right, where did the time go? We’re planning on going away to celebrate our milestone and we’re planning on going without the kids. Yay! We’ve jotted down a few quick anniversary escape destinations that we’ll probably be choosing from. All of them are based in the Western Cape so if you’re not from around here, you’ll possibly need to add a flight booking to your itinerary.

We haven’t actually been away alone as a couple, since we had children 11 years ago so I think its safe to say that we are definitely due for a romantic getaway. I guess you kinda get caught up in planning everything around the kids, not realizing that they actually will survive without mom and dad for a few days. Its nothing that ma and grandpa can’t handle.


Where to start

Getting away is all in the name of slowing down that I spoke of earlier this month. Its time to stop adulting and parenting so hard, and start slowing down, and plan a romantic getaway for two.

First of all, you’ll need to decide on a budget and work around that. That will determine how far you’re going to go and how long you’re going to stay. Then, other than some amazing quick anniversary escape destinations that I’m going to share with you, I have one little gem of advise for you: Plan ahead. Plan for everything. Arrange your baby sitters now. Get your travel gear.

The thing that makes travelling enjoyable, is having planned ahead. You get to enjoy your holiday without the unnecessary stress of running around at the last minute and possibly into your holiday. So start from now, jot things down and do your research. Well, you’re here, so thats a start.


Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations

Kraalbaai Luxury House Boats

Situated in the heart of the West Coast National Park, in the warm peaceful waters of Kraalbaai. Expect to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and wake up to the sounds of nature all around.


Quick anniversary escape destinations


Kolkol Mountain Lodge

Its the perfect home away from home, tucked away in the mountains, and equipped with everything you need, even that hot tub! The log cabins were constructed using mostly alien vegetation such as pine, poplar, blue gum and black wattle trees, all from the land that KolKol Mountain Lodge is situated on in Bot Rivier.


Quick anniversary escape destinations


Aquila Private Game Reserve

If you’re into that wild life and want to go on an adventure with your love, or family too, the award winning Aquila Private Game Reserve is definately a bucket list destination for anniversary celebrations. Aquila is more than just an unforgettable wildlife experience, it is an experience in luxurious African hospitality.


Quick anniversary escape destinations


Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Kagga Kamma is located in the wilderness in Cerberg which is quite close to Ceres. It’s a nature lover destination and the perfect place to create memories like that special anniversary. They have a variety of accommodations to choose from. Expect to be surrounded by cultural heritage and magnificent views.

Quick anniversary escape destinations


Allée Bleue

Allée Bleue boasts the breathtaking views of Franschoek Valley. You can expect to enjoy a romantic getaway filled with world class wines, tastey meals from their bistro and all the historic charm that Allée Bleue has to offer. Its also a dream destination for daytime picnics.
Already been to one of these destinations? I’d love to hear what was your experience.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy a memorable anniversary escape!

Disclaimer: I created this article in collaboration with Travelstart


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