5 Top Back to School Tips for Parents

Once again, the school holidays have flown by and its time to start thinking about the school year ahead. I’m really hoping to slow down this year so that I can have more time with my kids school work. Actually I am going to be making an effort to ensure I have that extra time. For now though, I just wanna get through that back to school rush with ease. Based on a few things that worked for me last year, here are my 5 top back to school tips for parents.


5 Top Back to School Tips for Parents

Get yourself ready now, mama!

“Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids”. As cliche as that sounds, it is actually is so true. Toward the end of this year, I found myself slowly getting more and more tired daily, I felt unhealthy and completely burnt out. I then started taking a multivitamin. I can’t describe the huge difference it has made to my days. If I go just one day without taking them, I can literally feel the difference. I feel tired, moody and unfocused.

So get yourself a good multivitamin to help you get through each day with that extra boost.


Don’t leave it for the last minute

This is my mistake every year. And despite my good intentions, there is always something that gets left for the last minute. This year for me it was the stationery. Last year, stationery was first. Anyway, my point is, leaving something for the last minute is just another way of inviting unnecessary stress into your life.

Check that all uniforms still fit, NOW!


Its funny how kids can end off the year stilling fitting fine into their uniforms, and then all of sudden its the day before school starts and their uniforms don’t fit. They do grow during the school holidays, must be all that food of ours they’re always eating haha!

Last week I popped into Edgars as I needed to get a new shirt and pants for Liam. I bought a two pack short sleeve shirts which was just R189.95 for the two. Its a very nice quality shirt might I add. I also bought two grey short pants which were R99.99 each (starts from R59.99 for the smaller sizes). I was chuffed to find a reasonably priced school bag as well at just R149.95.

Its a basic one but I find that when Liam has too much space in his bag, he ends up taking all the wrong things to school. They do have a nice variety of bags though, so if you’re looking for more of a bigger bag, they do have those. They even have school swimwear!

I was even more chuffed to have received a free pair of grey school socks because I spent more than R300!



5 Top Back to School Tips for Parents 5 Top Back to School Tips for Parents


Get the kids into back to school mode from now

Under normal circumstances, I will never suggest this, but try taking the kids school shopping with you. If you’ve already done stationery and uniform shopping, take them school lunch shopping. It will help get the back to school mindset going. Its not nice to have to drag the kids on the first day of school. If anything, its just added stress for you, and everyone.



Plan your weekly meals

I’ve written about this several times. Meal planning. Its the best thing since sliced bread! Its not only a time saver, but a money saver too. You can’t go wrong. Infact, even better, why not order yourself a meal kit for the first week of school. Whether you choose to do your own meal planning, or purchase a meal kit, the kids first day back at school will be just a little easier. Every bit counts.


Shop them sales!



I know I promised only 5 tips, but thought I’d throw in just an extra one for the fun of it. When I popped into Edgars for Liams school uniforms, I noticed they were having a huge sale. Some of the clothing I had purchased for the kids in December were on sale (see outfit Cole is wearing in above pictures). If you have nursery/creche going kids, why not purchase their everyday clothing from the sales items. Its a great way to save some bucks and ensure your little ones look good for nursery/creche.


Those are my 5 top back to school tips for parents. Why not share some of yours in the comments below and score bonus entries for the back to school giveaway that I’m running on my Instagram and Facebook pages.


Disclaimer: This blogpost was sponsored by Edgars

Tata for now

Tracy xx

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