My Kids’ Funky Summer Looks

I often walk into a store with all the intentions of spoiling myself by getting in some much needed retail therapy. But I always go through the kids section first and end up walking out the store with nothing for myself. And I still end up feeling satisfied even though its kids clothing. Do you also feel like that? Anyway, I totally did that last week and have put together some very cool looks. Heres my kids’s funky Summer looks that I’ve put together with the help of Edgars.


Holiday shopping for the family

First off, one thing I love is being able to shop for both my kids at the same store. What I love even more, is being able to shop for both kids, myself and my hubby at the same store. Since becoming a mom, I just don’t have endless amount of hours to spend in a mall going from one shop to another. The less walking in the mall I need to do, the better.

Now when it comes to shopping for clothing for the kids, I always try my best to separate weekend/holiday clothing from the rest. I just find they stay looking new for much longer that way. I very seldom allow my kids to wear their weekend/holiday clothing at home.


My kids’ funky Summer looks

I’m very strategic when I shop. I never buy a random item simply because I like it. It’s important to me that the items I buy, can always be worn with other clothing to create a different look. I  put together my kids’ funky Summer looks using the very same strategy. Also keep in mind, its not easy getting a tween to be in the pics so smallie took all the limelight haha!

First is up is the Levi’ look. I love this denim shorts paired with a Levi t-shirt and his slip in shoe. To be honest, I seldom buy name brands for my kids but I got 100 bucks off the Levi t-shirt so I couldn’t resist. I made the outfit a little fun by adding the Spiderman moonbag and sunglasses which Cole is absolutely crazy about (Giveaway Clue)! He is actually learning about responsibility because I keep reminding him to keep his sunglasses in his bag when he isn’t wearing them.


My Kids' Funky Summer Looks


The denim shorts were R179. They are slightly stretchy and can be worn rolled up or down. Denim is a typical example of an item that can be mixed and matched with just about anything. So the denim shorts can actually be worn with any of the tees in this post.

Next up is the island look. I just love this look. It’s so smart yet casual and easy. The shirt can be worn with a pair of jeans or denim shorts. And the shorts can be paired up with any other t-shirt or smart shirt for a more smart Summer look.


My Kids' Funky Summer Looks


I would have preferred to complete the look with his slip on striped shoes but Spidey wouldn’t hear of it.  He felt for his Spidey slip on sandals which I also got from Edgars.

Next up is Liams casual Zoo York look. I love the bright yet soft yellow color of his t-shirt. I think it goes really well with the denim fold up shorts. Infact it pairs well with any lightly colored bottom. I love that I can mix and match both of these items to create a completely different look.

Liam literally lives in flip flops during the summer so I always make sure to buy a good quality flip flop. Edgars has a wide range of quality branded clothing and shoes and I found these Zoo York flip flops to be nicely priced and great quality.


My Kids' Funky Summer Looks


Then, the following items are a few other staples that I purchased for my kids Summer looks and I’ll be sharing some pics over on my Instagram & Facebook account when they wear the items over the holidays.

When it comes to swimwear, I love all the bright and bold colors. Fortunately my kids haven’t yet reached the age of choosing their own clothing, (kind of). So I’ll keep styling them for now haha. I usually grab whatever stands out the most because swimwear should be bold and bright and fun!



Disclaimer: This blogpost was sponsored by Edgars

Tata for now

Tracy xx

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