Where to buy Body Care Products on a Tight Budget in SA

Even I wouldn’t believe me if I said I can bag 3 Body Care products for just R52.97!! With the prices of everything always going up, it’s kinda hard to believe that there are products still priced so well! If you’re a mom like me and are always looking to save some pennies, grab a cuppa cause you’ll enjoy this one. So I’ll get right into and tell you all about where to buy body care products on a tight budget in SA. I’m talking from as little as R12,99 each!!!

Again, I know, it sounds too good to be true. You’re probably thinking its got to be a no name brand.

Well, it’s not.


Local brand Bramley relaunches

Bramley recently relaunched their brand. They’re a local brand and have added some lovely new products to their line. They’ve sent me 3 of their products to try. Before I tell you about the range, I just wana quickly tell you what I thought about the 3 they’ve sent me.


Lavender Hand & Nail Cream (Retail price R12.99)

Where to buy body care products on a tight budget in sa

I received a Lavender Hand & Nail Cream (They have a full Lavender range of products). I love the lavender scent, the way spreads so nicely and of course its price! It retails for just R12,99! And you need not use a lot at all. A little goes a very long way.


Herbal Body Wash (Retail price R19.99)

Where to buy body care products on a tight budget in SA

They’ve also sent me their Herbal Body Wash. I’m really not a fan of anything herbal (besides the one that go in your food) but I’m actually enjoying this one. The scent isn’t too overwhelming for my scent sensitive allergies and I love that it goes a long way. You also not need use alot.


Be You Body Spritzer (Retail price R19.99)

Where to buy body care products on a tight budget in SA

At first I was also confused about what a Body Spritzer is. I’ve never used one before. Its basically a fragranced spray for your body. The bottle says you should spray it on the inside if your wrists, knees, elbows as well as neck, chest and behind ears. It has a lovely refreshing yet floral scent.


New additions to the Bramley range

In addition to ones I tried, Bramley have added quite a few new products to their range. I’m most excited about the Premium Body range and Even Tone range.

The Premium Body range include Hand Creams, Tissue Oils and Body Butters. The products in this range contain a lovely blend of natural oils such as Argan Oil & Macadamia as well as Coconut Oil & Vanilla. It makes great for pamper gift set! Infact, I think I’ll gift this to myself! Then, as for the Even Tone range, I’m really keen to try this one out. The whole range is formulated with a bland of vitamins and oil controlling ingredients which help lighten dark spots, reduce impurities and prevent blemishes. I could definitely do with younger and healthier looking skin!


Where to buy Body Care products on a tight budget in SA

I hope I’ve got you interested now. I mean, Body Care products from as little as R12,99!? It’s a must have! Infact, they are the perfect products to purchase as teacher gifts as well! Just about any gifts actually.

All Bramley products are available at PEP Stores! You can also visit their website to view their full range. Follow them on social media as well for full updates. Find their links below:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


Tata for now

Tracy xx

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