A Modern Day Thermometer Every Mom Must Have

A while back I wrote about ten basic items every new mom must have. In my experience as a mom, a thermometer is an essential item to have and thats why I listed it in that article. Today though, I’m going to tell you about a modern day thermometer every mom must have and why!

As you know, a fever can progress from normal to dangerous very, very quickly. It is vitally important to know when and if to take your child or your spouse or yourself, to the doctor. If you’re without a thermometer, you will not know when and if it’s time to go.

The Braun IT6520 ThermoScan 7


I know theres loads of thermometers on the market but I wanna tell you about this special one that Braun have sent me to try out. Its the flagship Braun infra-red ear Thermometer. I’m so impressed by it!

First of all, the last thing you need when dealing with a sick child is a thermometer that doesn’t work or isn’t accurate. The Braun ThermoScan 7 has a pre-warmed tip which ensures an accurate reading.

A thermometer that you can’t find, also doesn’t help. I love that this one has its own little storage and it can be attached to the wall super easily. Imagine already being stressed out by your little one not being well and then still having to wreck your brain wondering where your thermometer is!? Been there, done that, and I can’t say I enjoyed it!


A modern day thermometer every mom must have


This specific thermometer has a number of other amazing and practical features that I’ll quickly highlight.

I love that displays the result super quickly. You don’t need to hold it by ear for more than 5 seconds! And, its really gentle to use, especially on little ones.

The front panel includes a night light so you don’t have to worry about switching on the lights during the night if your little one is finally asleep.


A modern day thermometer every mom must have

This thermometer also stores the last 9 temperature readings so you can easily get an indication of any pattern and whether theres been any improvement.

Braun have designed easy to use, hygienic disposable lens filters to use when checking temperatures. It fits nicely on the tip and theres no need to touch the filters when putting them on or removing.

Then, if you, like me, tend to have a porridge brain from time to time (thanks to not nearly enough sleep), the color coded display tells you whether the temperature reading is too low, normal or too high so you need not wreck your brain to figure out whether your child is safe or not. This is one of my favorite features!

To use it, you simply switch the device on, use the age precision button to select the age of the person you’re going to test, then take the temperature. It gives you a result in seconds and its displayed in green, yellow or red to tell you whether a temperature is dangerous or not. This device is often used by doctors!



Its a practical, fast and accurate device produced by a well loved and reputable brand! The Braun ThermoScan 7 makes for a great gift for any new mom. Its a modern day thermometer every mom must have!


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