Guilt Free Lunchbox Snacks

I find it really tough trying to keep my kids sugar free and to get them to eat all the healthy stuff. I personally don’t enjoy putting myself under that much pressure. On the flip side, I always try to go for the healthy option especially when its within reach. I’m always on the lookout for guilt free lunchbox snacks.


Guilt free lunchbox snacks


What are guilt free lunchbox snacks anyway?

Fruit will obviously be at the top of the list for “guilt free”. But heres the thing, I’ve got two growing boys in the house. When I buy fruit, its here today and gone tomorrow. The fruit basket never stays full.

Then of course theres veggies. But my kids are really not veggie kids. Its always a struggle trying to get them to eat those veggies. I always wonder how other moms get their kids to eat those pretty carrot sticks that they pack in for them. My kids will think its for decoration haha!

Another lunchbox staple in our house is popcorn and yogurt. Liam no longer enjoys yogurts for school (who knows why) meanwhile Cole is the other extreme. He eats one yogurt after the other. So we’ve always got to have yogurt at home. And then the popcorn, well it depends on their mood. Sometimes they enjoy it, sometimes they don’t #parentingisnotfortheweak


My Body Guru

A few weeks ago I received a lovely hamper from My Body Guru. They have a range of various healthy products and snacks. The goodies they sent us were all made with families in mind so its great for the kids! In our hamper was some snacks by My Protein Pantry as well as some water enhancers by Fully Dosed.

The My Protein Pantry snacks included:

  • Protein Date Balls
  • High Protein White Chocolate Bark
  • High Protein Dark Chocolate Bark
  • Choc Whey Coated Raw Walnuts


Guilt free lunchbox snacks


I promise you, your kids will be impressed when they see these snacks in their lunchbox!

The chocolate bark and the coated walnuts both have Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate in it. Now thats what I’m talking about when I say ‘guilt free lunchbox snacks’. It ticks all the boxes for me. Plus the kids are more than satisfied! Then the Date Balls are also delicious and are the perfect snack for between meals.

If theres anything that drives me nutty, it’s that stretch between lunch after school and supper time. I don’t know about your kids but mine get hangry and irritable. So these snacks are perfect for that long stretch.

We also received a few water enhancers by Fully Dosed. These are pretty awesome if you struggle to get your kids to drink water often. They pretty awesome even if you don’t struggle to get your kids to drink water.


guilt free lunchbox snacks


Since both my kids started school, I’ve always sent a bottle of water so they are quite used to drinking water but lately Liam has been asking for juice and cool drink on certain days. I don’t mind cool drinks or juice, I just prefer for them to not have it at school. So the water enhancers are a big help. I usually squeeze a drop or 2 in their water bottle every other day.

I’ve had some myself and they taste lovely. They are Electrolyte and B Vitamin infused. And they come in a few different flavors like passion fruit, litchi and orange. They contain zero sugar. Yip! Definitely ticks all the boxes for guilt free lunchbox snacks!

Where to buy My Body Guru products

You can purchase the products direct from their website: MY BODY GURU

Or you can place your order via phone call: 031 502 2703. They are also on social media so do give them a follow:  INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK


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