African Wildlife experience at Giraffe House

We took the kids for an African Wildlife experience at Giraffe House this weekend. Well we have taken them before but Cole was just a month old and Liam was 7. Recently Cole has grown such a deep love for animals. He was gifted a beautiful book with 100 animals. It contains absolutely beautiful animal illustrations and Cole has learned 70% of the animal names in the book. So we thought it would be a good idea to take him to see them in real life.

He was so thrilled by all the animals. He called some of them out by name and recognized them too. Obviously I was extremely proud! Especially since he started speaking and forming sentences alot later than most kids his age. So when we saw that he can say the animal names so well, and then point them out in real life, I was overjoyed!


African Wildlife experience at Giraffe House


An African Wildlife experience at Giraffe House

I’m really not great with animal names, especially not so popular ones, so I’ll tell you what I remember seeing. We saw giraffes, snakes, crocodiles, goats, many large birds, tortoises, cape fox, zebra, a timon and pumba, lemurs, monkeys etc. The park does provide you with a bucket for feeding some of the animals however not all are to be fed. There are signs along the way indicating which animals should not be fed.



Interactive creepy crawly encounters

They have these on weekends and school holidays at 11h00, 13h00 and 15h00. We got to see and touch some of the creatures that live in the park. I would love for you to enjoy your own african wildlife experience at Giraffe House so I’m not going to tell you everything that we saw. But here is a pic of Cole holding an Albino Burmese Python.


African Wildlife experience at Giraffe House


Important info

  • Dress prepared, especially during the colder months, as there is alot of muddy walk ways
  • You may bring your own picnic baskets, theres lot of litte chill spots around the around and loads of free space for the little ones to run around
  • There is a little shop for refreshments
  • They are open from 9-5 daily except on 25 December
  • Entrance fee is R55 for adults, R40 for seniors and R35 for children aged 2-15
  • They do kids parties, but you will need to enquire with the park directly
  • You may feed some of the animals (food is provided)

 • Here is their website link: Giraffe House

African Wildlife experience at Giraffe HouseAfrican Wildlife experience at Giraffe House


Will we go back?

Yes, definately. Infact we did, it was our second time there. I really enjoyed the peaceful surroundings, it has such a calming effect on the kids. And its a great way for the kids to be reminded that nature can entertain us too. I could have chilled there for hours more but unfortunately it was getting quite cold and we headed home for some warm cups of Milo and a hearty meal.

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