Instantly ironing my clothes without an iron

Lately I’ve been talking and thinking about saving time in every way possible. If you read my review on my Weekly Family planner by With Love Baby, you’ll know how it’s really helping me to get out the most of my time. I’ve also touched on meal planning and how it can save time in your busy family life. So yes, time is a big thing in my life. Today I’m talking about instant ironing. How I’m instantly ironing my clothes without an iron. How though?

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get comfy. You’re going to want to stay around for this one!

It is estimated that 40% of clothes in the washing machine are not actually dirty. These are clothes which often start on the “chairdrobe” or the “floordrobe” – that infamous halfway-house in the bedroom for not-quite dirty clothes – which nearly half the population admit to having. So first off, I just want briefly touch on why you should be instantly ironing.


6 Benefits of Dry Wash & Instant Ironing

  1. No need to wash after one wear
  2. You will save time
  3. Extends the life of your clothing due to being washed less
  4. You will save water
  5. You will save electricity
  6. Your laundry basket will stay empty(-ish) for longer
  7. This will make you happy haha!


How I’m instantly ironing my clothes without an iron


instantly ironing my clothes without an iron


A couple of weeks ago, a company by the name of Day2 sent me a sample of two of their products. I briefly posted about it on Instagram and Facebook when I received them and promised that I would review the products.

Both of the products are Dry Wash Sprays. The one is the Dry Wash Spray Original which was created with the purpose of reviving and de-creasing your clothing. So yes, it does three things. Its a dry wash so it works similarly to dry shampoo for hair. You won’t use it for every wash and garments with stubbon stains, but definitely for in between. The dry shampoo revives the clothing and the de-crease process takes away the creases. I’ve used mine several times a week for my whole family and I can safely say it works for me. After I’ve worn a garment and its not actually dirty but just “worn”, I pack it away or hang it over the chair. When I’m ready to wear it again, I simply spray the garment about 15 minutes before I’m ready to wear it, wipe it down with my hand and viola!

The second one is the Dry Wash Spray for Delicates. This one is more to give your clothing an instant revive and specifically for delicate clothing. I’ve used this one once so far. We went to a braai and and my jacket smelled of smoke because we sat outside around a fire. I needed to wear the same jacket the very next day. I gave it a spray about 15 minutes before I left the house, and the smoke/fire smell was completely removed. It smelled fresh and revived!

Lethepu Matshaba, Unileaver Homecare Vice President, says that Day2, a fine mist that instantly revives and irons any outfit when sprayed, works in a similar way to dry shampoo. “But instead of restoring your locks, it revives recently worn clothes from just-worn to looking, feeling and smelling just-washed and pressed, allowing users to refresh their garments in-between washes.”


instantly ironing my clothes without an iron



Am I enjoying the Day2 Dry Wash Spray

Yes. That will be a firm yes. I love that it has a very pleasant and refreshing smell. It gives you that ‘just washed’ smell. Every bottle has an anti-odour technology that lifts malodours. And of course the benefits. I can’t find any reason to dislike the amazing creation that fits so well into my busy life. And by using it, I’m saving money along the way!

Every bottle helps save 60 litres of water (a full wash load), so it helps save time, money, water and energy. The bottles are also powered by air, meaning they are carbon neutral when sprayed.

My eldest son has a habit of throwing his barely worn clothes into the laundry basket (Can you relate?). It drives me insane!!

He still does that though. I think its the age probably. So I just keep reminding him to pack his clothes away in his cupboard unless its really dirty.


How much does it cost and where to buy Day2

The full range is available now at R99.99 for the 200ml version and R69.99 for the 75ml travel spray, and can be found at select Woolworths (in store and online) and Dis-Chem stores nationwide.

It really is so simple to use, but if need be, you can visit the Day2 website for videos on how to use the product. Follow them on social media for further updates. Here are all the links you need:

Day2 Website | Instagram | Facebook

And once you’ve tried it, please let me know what you think?


PS, As a follow up to this post: “Instantly ironing my clothes without an iron”, I’ll be posting a video of me using the product to my social media pages in the up coming weeks, so make sure you’re following me to check it out! Heres my links:

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Tata for now,

Tracy xx


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