My Weekly Family Planner changed my life

Life is hectic. It’s so busy. Being a full time working mom of two has taught me that in an instant your life can become one chaotic mess. Your heart will be full, but your mind will be all over the place. That’s motherhood I guess. Anyway, whilst having one kid felt overwhelming, it was not long after my second child was born that I realized how next level being a mom of two is. It’s because of this that I was forced to start planning for everything. And that’s what I want to tell you about today. How my Weekly Family Planner changed my life!


Managing my and my family’s life

When I was promoted to mom of two, I realized that trying to remember everything wasn’t enough. I was forgetting things, important things. And I wasn’t managing to get through everything that needed to be done. More often than not, I started feeling like a failure and that my life would forever be chaotic. I did an amazing management course last year and it taught me that I need to first be able to manage myself (and MY family) before thinking about managing anyone else. This made sense. How was I was possibly going to manage someone else’s (work) life if mine was in a shamble?

The course emphasized on planning. It helped me understand that even though we think we don’t have time to plan, putting in the time to plan will land you with much more time than you ever thought you had. So I started planning. And boy did I go crazy with the planning. I was planning everything buuuut I was still missing a few deadlines.


Planning became burdensome

And then I got tired of all the planning, especially where my personal life is concerned. I had too many planners and it became burdensome, and really heavy in my bag. I was doing too much writing and because I had so many note books for my planners, it was actually taking up too much time, which defeated the purpose.


My Weekly Family Planner changed my life



My Weekly Family Planner changed my life

Shortly after, Cheralle from WithLoveBaby gifted me with her newly launched Weekly Family Planner. This was a game changer! Cheralle is a busy mom of two so she knew exactly what is needed in a Weekly Family Planner. She completely understands the chaos that is my life and every other mommy out there. This was one of the very reasons she came up with the Weekly Family Planner.

It’s no ordinary planner. Here are some of the key features that make it so perfect for a busy family:

  • Sturdy Laminated Cover, so you can leave it at home in the kitchen if you need to. Mine is always on the kitchen counter!
  • Spiral Bound (Wire). I slip my pen in there!
  • Simplistic In Design. No fluff.
  • User friendly format – It has with a weekly view to get all those busy schedules updated in one weekly view.
  • Undated: therefore no wasted pages (because, who is planning when the family is on holiday?) – I simply love this feature
  • Additional space for extra notes, meal planning and shopping lists on each page – My favorite feature!
  • The 6 columns can be used for your childrens’ names, parents names, and anything else you need to manage over the course of a week. – I use the other two for school lunches and any notes to make regarding my Domestic Helper.
  • Additional notes pages at the back which you can use for notes or to paste a calendar and your children’s school calendar – I stick various school timetables like exams timetable and upcoming projects and orals.


Why I love my Weekly Family Planner


My Weekly Family Planner changed my life
An example page of showing random weekly family planning


The fact that I can include my grocery shopping relevant to the week that I’m in plus have a visual of school lunches and dinners all in the same space is exactly what I needed. If you regularly read my blog, you will know that I’m big on dinner planning and saving money and time. My Weekly Family Planner helps me achieve exactly that, in a stress free and simplistic way. The less clutter the better. I can plan my dinners and groceries along with other important things to do for the week all on one place. Even school projects, orals and exams. It’s such a handy thing to have. Theres a little block space for each person in my family on each page and not just one little block per day.

I hated having to refer to multiple pages just for one weeks worth of things to do. I love the simplistic design. There is no unnecessary info in it that I’m not going to use anyway. The WithLoveBaby Weekly Family Planner has been a real game changer for my family and I. I’m enjoying the planning again. And we’re not missing important dates anymore, especially school stuff!


My weekly family planner changed my life


Important details

My weekly family planner changed my life and I can’t recommend it enough! It costs just R199 and you can purchase it online from WithLoveBaby. Here are all their contact details:


Website: WithLoveBaby

Email: withlovebabysa@gmail.com

Contact: 0764777599

Instagram | Facebook


Tata for now

Tracy xx


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