5 Reasons Why Moms Need Regular Breaks from their Kids

Let be honest, life is hectic at the moment. Your kids are either still in a baby or toddler stage and are dependent on you for basically everything. Or they are in school and have a ton of homework everyday which you all only finish around 9pm each night. You working a full time job and your second job starts the second you arrive home. Or you are a stay at home mom and the work just never ends. You don’t even get the break of driving from one job to the next. Perhaps you have a baby, twins maybe, toddlers, and school going kids. Whatever your family dynamics are, you need a break, mama! Heres 5 Reasons why moms need regular breaks from their kids.


5 Reasons Why Moms Need Regular Breaks from their Kids


5 Reasons Why Moms Need Regular Breaks from their Kids


  • You need time to recharge 

I completely agree that even when you are away from your kids, you still worry about them. It’s natural. That’s the part of motherhood that never leaves you. Moms always worry. But when you are away from them, you won’t have the additional worries thats come with it. Like breaking up a fight, wiping up a spill for the fifth time for the day. Running to the bathroom to wipe that potty training bottom and so on. Not having to deal with these kind of things for a minute, gives you time to recharge your mind (and body). You may even end up reflecting on events and whether or not you need to change your parenting approach – more on this below.


  • You need to care for yourself

Happy mom equals happy child. Cliche I know, but it also happens to be completely true, and important too. Children pick up on our vibes. Even newborns can sense a stressed mom. The worst part is, the stress is passed onto them which means unhappy mom equals unhappy child. When you care for yourself, even if its in the form of a massage or a treat at the hair salon, it makes all the difference.


  • You need to rest

“I rest all the time at home” said no mom ever. You can’t rest at home. Even if you tried, theres always something breaking, someone getting hurt or someone dying of hunger. And the six hours of sleep you get at night, is not rest. Moms need to rest with their feet up, or a dinner served to them, or a cappuccino served and drank while its still hot!


  • To be a better you!

I’m a firm believer, that, too much of anything can’t be good. You will need a break, no matter how good it is for you. Even your kids. We love our kids and there are many many overwhelmingly joyful moments with them. There are equally as much stressful moments too. And if you don’t take a break, you’re going to crack. Take that break, and be a better you when you return to your kids!


  • You need time to reflect

How many times did you say something you regret this week? Or do something you regret? Perhaps you just didn’t get to a few of the important things on your or your kids schedule! When you have time to reflect however, you can think of ways to better handle certain situations. Perhaps analyse and decide on a new approach to certain things. A calm mind can do many great things that a busy mind can’t.


Those are my top 5 reasons why moms need regular breaks from their kids. Can you think of any others? Drop your answers in the comments sections. And please share this article if you loved it?

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