I’m sorry I’m always late, but I’m a mom!

As this season of my life draws closer to very centre of it, I feel like I’m always rushing, always barely waking up, always really tired when getting into bed. Always juggling three things at a time, namely, dinner, homework and tantrums. I feel like I’m always eating on the go. The only constant in my life is chaos. Oh and another thing, I’m always late, for every, single, thing.

I’m so over being known as that late person. And I totally get that its completely rude and offensive to rock up late somewhere. I completely despise it. Always rolling in somewhere while everyone else is sitting there looking all prepared to be there, make up in tact and their kids in control. Meanwhile, I’m sweating from the rush. My cheeks are flushed probably from shouting at the kids for some or other reason, and my heart is racing fast from the embarrassment of being late.


I’m sorry I’m always late, but I’m a mom!

We could easily be on time for every single thing. ⁣

Sure. ⁣

If we don’t have to wipe up all the spills and break up the fighting over toys. Reason with a two year old on why we need to change his clothes. Pack the bag look high and low for the wipes that have been hidden away by one of the kids. Having to change the toddlers clothes again because they got wet in the bathroom. And that happened despite my efforts to keep him out the water while I was bathing. Then repack the bag I’m taking with since it was all unpacked by the toddler. And then finally having to change that poo nappy after already getting everyone buckled up!⁣


I'm always late


I shared those thoughts on my Instagram profile the other day and most of the moms agreed. Some of them said:

“Don’t forget the sudden realization that someone is thirsty and if they don’t have water this very minute they will die.”

“Packing the ball then having to pack cars instead then having to pack the bike then having to convince the 2 year old that the dog can’t go along…the list is endless!”

“And always having to take some form of snacks with. Fruit, biscuits, etc and a water bottle!”

“Oh, and please don’t forget that whilst you’re at it – in the car and pulled out the driveway, only to have realized that you forgot to put on a bra 😭😭😭😭 well, at least this is me most times when we’re “going out” with an almost 5 year old fireball of a girl and an equally busy 9 month old.”


Theres no excuse for being late, but I got you!

So I guess I’m not the only one in the world who is always late and happens to have kids haha! And no I’m not saying that being a mom is my excuse for always being late. Yes there are times where things go alot smoother, and preparing earlier for leaving the house does help in a big way. Not always, but definitely sometimes. I guess I’m just here using this space to vent a little, about the times when life happens. And mostly to let the rest of you mommy late comers know “I got you!


Tata for now

Tracy x

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  • Beatiful piece its sad that man sometimes doesnt get it.I am a mother of triplets and i know the crazyness of trying to leave the house

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