We explored Spice Route Paarl

This Sunday passed, we explored Spice Route Paarl. Its a stunning venue with a peaceful ambiance right through boasting the most beautiful views of the Paarl winelands. I found it to be the perfect venue to unwind with my hubby and kids and end off a busy weekend. It sure did prep my mind for a stressful week that awaited me.



There are two restaurants at Spice Route Paarl. There is Barley and Biltong which serves gourmet food with both an indoor and out seating area. The outdoor area is perfectly situated with views for miles and miles.

We ate at La Grapperia which is where most of the families with smaller kids were. Their specialty is pizza. The kids really enjoyed theirs! There is a smaller play section just next to the restaurant. The outside eating area is quite big and just next to the play area. Perfectly situated.

Some of the places we didn’t get to explore at Spice Route Paarl was the handmade ceramics store. I’ll have to check them out next time for sure.



Craft Beer at Cape Brewing Co

We made a quick stop at the Craft Beer shop, CBC. Hubby was in his element as he loves craft beer. They have a tasting section for the adults and a little table and chairs with crafts for your little people too.

we explored spice route paarl


Newly revamped kids play area

Our last stop was the newly revamped kids play area. I enjoyed the walk to the play area. Loads of grass and greenery. I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous views along the way.

Here are some pictures of the play area. It has quite a few of these balance bikes for toddlers and bikes for older kids too.

Cole displayed some pretty hard core determination on the bike track. It was his first time on a balance bike so he didn’t quite know how to ride it. He refused to get on the seat and practically walked his way through the track, but he finished! I got a few goose bumps watching him go and go and go.


This old tractor was quite a hit too. Fortunately theres two of them and lots to explore on it so plenty of kids can explore one at the same time.

we explored spice route paarl


Cole adored this tunnel. Its amazing to see how kids can find so much joy in the simplest of things.


This swing kept Liam happy as he isn’t really a fan of bike riding. I swang abit too ha!


Gorgeous views of the Paarl winelands from the play area.

we explored spice route paarl


I’m really glad we explored Spice Route Paarl! We really didn’t spend a great deal of money even so I can’t say that it was an expensive outing. Its pretty much the same as dining out at any of the local restaurants.

We’ll be exploring many more places along the winelands soon, so make sure to subscribe to my website (go the homepage) and social media to follow our journey.


Tata for now,

Tracy xx

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