How Body Stress Release worked for me {Plus Discounted Rate}

As a full time working wife and mom of two busy boys, I am constantly stressed out about one thing or another. And it’s not necessarily because I’m consciously worrying about stuff, but just because life for me is always hectic! There is always a spanner thrown into my works. Each day is never the same, which completely messes with my entire being because I thrive on structure and order. As a result, I constantly have knots in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Headaches and migraines are no strangers to me either. I decided to give Body Stress Release a try.

Have you heard of it?


What is Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release is a complementary health technique that uses stress testing to indicate the precise locations of stored tension in the body. Once the tension – or body stress – has been located, a gentle but precise impulse is applied to encourage the muscles to release the tension, and allow nerve communication to be restored.

In more simple terms, and as the name suggests, the aim of body stress release is to find the stress in your body, release it and encourage self restoration. What I love most about Body Stress Release, is that it’s a completely all natural technique. No machines, no medications and certainly no injections. This is why it is safe for newborns and the elderly too.


Body Stress Release


Who should be going for Body Stress Release

I was fortunate enough to try the service out with the lovely Meg Ringdal , a passionate Body Stress Release practitioner based in Cape Town. She is really gentle and so polite. I hadn’t heard about Body Stress Release before and had no idea what it was all about prior to my sessions with Meg. I found all three sessions to be quite informative, and little did I know, I was actually causing a great deal of stress to my body unknowingly.

Meg explained to me that stress in your body is caused by quite a few things, such as accidents or falls, pressure from work and home, emotional shock or trauma, and even exposure to chemicals. One other thing which was a big alarm bell for me, is incorrect posture.

My posture has been very bad over the years. I’ve always been aware of it, but didn’t quite understand the impact it was having on my body. Interestingly, I learned that great posture is not only about walking and sitting straight up. Think about the amount of time you spend on your cellphone, looking down at it. What about your computer. Are you looking up or down at it all day? How are you reaching for things that are low down? Are you twisting and bending or using your body’s already bendable areas to reach for things? To ensure that you have the correct posture, simply make sure you’re always maintaining the curve of your spine and ensure your shoulders are in line with your hips.

I’ve been slouching for as long as I can remember and looking down on my phone and computer daily. This has contributed tremendously to the constant back and neck pain that I’ve been experiencing. And I used to blame it all on motherhood, ha!


How Body Stress Release worked for me

In all three sessions with Meg, she found that the majority of the stress/tension in my body was in my neck and lower back. Its such a gentle technique that at first I wondered what impact it was really going to have, if any. I was truly amazed at how Meg was able to identify these stress/tension areas in my body. She was able to work out the stress/tension in my back and neck and I felt 95% relieved of the pain I was feeling by session 2 and 100% by the end of session 3.

After leaving my first session, I didn’t feel great. I experienced a headache the next day and my mood over the following couple of days was quite strange. I was like a ticking time bomb and felt irritated by the smallest of things. When I brought this to Megs attention, she explained its a good sign as its an indication of the long stored stress in my body slowly working itself out along with the restoration of nerve communication. By the start of the third session I still had abit of neck pain but Meg was able to work it out completely. My mood was also a whole lot better by then and it then made sense that 3 sessions are recommended.


BSR Founder, Gail Meggersee wrote the following about the emotional aspect of the release:

When Body Stress is present, not only are there physical effects, but one’s mental and emotional well-being are undermined. After the physical tension is released, some people become aware of greater mental clarity. Others feel an emotional lightness, or a surge of enthusiasm for life as energy levels rise.


Body Stress Release


How it contributed positively to my journey of self care

Meg was quite thorough in explaining how Body Stress Release works. She also shared a great deal of tips on how I can take better care of my body. Meg explained the importance of keeping the stress/tension build up in our bodies, to a minimum. I really appreciated this because you know that good old saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”? It resonates with me deeply at the moment, especially since I’ve entered a season of self care. I’m more aware of my needs and the importance of taking care of myself. My sessions with Meg have helped me dig a little deeper into this journey of self care. She strongly promotes listening to your body’s needs. I know that as soon as I feel any warning signs, I’ll be back for more sessions with Meg to #ReleaseTheStress

I think it is important to note though, that Body Stress Release will not be the same for everyone and that you should consult with a BSR practitioner should you wish to try it out.

So, if you’re a busy mom, or just anyone for that matter, and experiencing stress in your body, listen to it. Go for a one on one session with Meg. Bonus: If you mention to Meg that you read this blog post, she will give you a discounted rated of R300 per session! Here are all her details below.

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