My baby is doing a little better at daycare

It’s been almost three months since Cole started at daycare and alot has changed! My baby is doing a little better at daycare and I’m so relieved. It didn’t start off well at all, infact it was bad! Let me tell you all about it.

I remember exactly how emotionally broken I felt at the time of writing the article about how badly my toddlers first few weeks went. It seemed as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone said I shouldn’t worry and that he’ll be crying not to leave day care soon. I couldn’t imagine that happening. He was so unhappy. It seemed impossible that he could be happy to go to the very same place that is making him unhappy.


My baby is doing a little better at daycare


But of course, it wasn’t the school that was making him unhappy. Him being there without any familiar faces is what made him unhappy. And at first he didn’t quite know whether he would be fetched.


My baby is doing a little better at daycare

By week 4 everything changed. The first sign of change was him sleeping during the day. He never slept during nap time at school before. The fact that he started sleeping meant he was starting to feel safe enough to let his guard down. 

The second sign is that I didn’t have to carry him out of the car. He started walking to the school gate and didn’t look back. 

Lately he asks to go to school over the weekend. So I can comfortably say my baby is doing a little better at daycare. 

I feel so relieved and at ease. The entire experience was tough on me. It became my everything and I couldn’t think of anything else. I was almost ready to spend full days with him at daycare. 

Thankfully its all over and things are going good. Well, besides the illnesses that come with school going kids. It’s really tough being a full-time working mom, putting your kids health first whilst ensuring your work never suffers because your job too is important to you. But that is another blog post for another day!


My baby is doing a little better at daycare


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6 thoughts on “My baby is doing a little better at daycare”

  • Urgh, I’m going through the same anxiety write now.My middle is starting Grade R next year and they have been home with us all the time-consuming so they have very independent personalities and I’m just so scared they will be misunderstood at school.I know it no use stressing but it’s still all so daunting to me

    • It is really really tough. And thats why it was important for me to write this follow up post, so that it can be a positive reminder to moms with newly school going kids, that your child will eventually adapt and both you and your child won’t go through the anxiety of it all forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

      • Amen, that’s so true and should he struggle it’s okay we can learn from it and get valuable lessons to teach him.Struggles breed strength anyway 😘

        • Exactly. I often forget how strong my struggles have made me and the valuable lessons and experience gained from it all. Thanks so much for reading, and all the best with your child xx

  • Ah Tracey I’m so relieved for you. That beginning part is so hard. At my school the kids are a lot better (except the one separation anxiety one who loses it when.I.leave the room and the new one!) Well done for persevering.

    • Thanks Heather. Huge relief for all of us at home. Yeah I think by now most kids have started settling in. Hopefully the kids with separation anxiety will settle soon too. Xx

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