Why I’m loving the Childs Farm product range

My poor kids don’t actually have many (if any) bubble bath memories because the one has eczema and the other has the weirdest sensitive skin ever! The Childs Farm range however, is safe for sensitive and eczema prone skin. This is one of the main reasons why I’m loving the Childs Farm product range. Heres another 5 I think you will love too:

• It does not contain artificial colors⁣⁣
• It does not contain parebens, SLS’s or mineral oils⁣⁣
• It contains organic essential oils⁣⁣
• It smells deliciously fruity and the packaging is a very fun design⁣⁣
• They can be used from newborn & upwards

We were gifted a few of the products from the Farms Child range and so far we’ve tried three of them. Heres what I thought about them:


Why I'm loving the Childs Farm product range

Why I’m loving the Childs Farm product range

Childs Farm Bubble bath (organic tangerine)

It smells so tastey! The fruity smell basically filled up our home with that happy feeling smell. It is not extremely bubbly as some other bubble baths are but I am ok with that because too many bubbles may cause abit of chaos in my bathroom ha!

I also noticed that the Childs Farm bubble bath doesn’t leave the bath feeling as slippery as bubble baths tend to make the bath. My son Liam also mentioned to me that the bubbles don’t disappear easily.


Why I'm loving the Childs Farm product range


Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash

Again, the smell is so good! Although its a fruity smell, it somewhat gives me that happy childhood kinda feeling. If that doesn’t make sense, then purchase the products, try them out, and you’ll know exactly what I mean..

I’ve tried out many hair & body products in my years of being a mom, and I’ve never experienced a baby hair & body wash that actually leaves the hair feeling soft. I’ve always had to add some conditioner while washing my kids hair just so that its not left feeling like paper. When I tried out the Childs Farm Hair & Body Wash, I didn’t add conditioner as I wanted to see the results without the product being mixed. To my surprise, my toddlers hair was very soft.

Who doesn’t love a fresh fruity smelling toddler with soft and fresh hair?


Childs Farm Baby Moisturizer

The consistency isn’t too thick but not very runny. I think its just the correct consistency. It has more a fresh, just-out-of-the-bath kind of smell compared to the rest of the range. I was glad about that because the scent of the hair & body wash was already strong enough. If the moisturizer smelled that way too, it would become abit too overwhelming.

The bottle has a pump which makes it easier for use with one hand. The directions encourage you to apply twice a day however, my kids generally get messy minutes after bathing, and I definitely will not be keen to apply any cream to a dirty body! I found the one application to be sufficient.

I have a real pet peeve for lotions and creams that leave your hands feeling sticky after applying. This one didn’t, so I don’t need to rinse my hands after applying. Thats another reason why I’m loving the Childs Farm product range.

It all started with bathtime and my two baby daughters. They suffered with sensitive skin and fine, fly-away hair, and I wanted to create products that could help, while also being natural and fun to use.

.. says CEO & Founder of Childs Farm


Why I'm loving the Childs Farm product range


Childs Farm products contains over 98% naturally derived products

I’d say 98% is a pretty good percentage for a product range that is suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin.

My eldest son has a mild case of eczema however if not treated correctly or left untreated, it can become quite bad. I didn’t find any reactions after using the Childs Farm Bubble Bath and Hair & Body Wash (ALL WEEK haha)

My youngest has sensitive skin. He gets skin reactions to bites and as far as we know is allergic to cats and dogs. Basically I wouldn’t be surprized if theres anything else that irritates his skin. I also didn’t find any reactions on him after using the bubble bath and hair & body wash.

I’m really keen to try the 3 in 1 swim which was specifically designed for after swim wash to properly get rid of all the chlorine on our kids bodies. I actually haven’t seen any products on the market specifically designed for this.


Where to buy Childs Farm products

Childs Farm products are currently available in Baby City, Clicks stores and via takealot.com. Prices range from R99 to R119.99, with a range of over 15 different products to choose from.


Have you tried any of these? How did you find them?


Tata for now

Tracy xx



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