Our favorite nappy is now even better! {Review}

A couple of weeks ago, Pampers reached out to me to test and try out their newly launched Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic with “2 Air channels. I was keen to try it out since Pampers is usually our go to brand for nappies. So we’ve given them a try, and all I can say is, our favorite nappy is now even better!

2 Air Channels

One of the biggest key feature in the The new Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic is it’s “2 Air channels” which allows an air flow directly to your baby’s bum, for breathable dryness. #PampersBabyDry has been specially designed to distribute wetness evenly from the front to the back, across the nappy and lock it away even better allowing your baby to enjoy up to 12 hours of dryness.

A light weight nappy

I noticed the nappy tends to be a lot lighter and when we first started using the Pampers Air Magic nappies, I used to think that my little one has not wee’d enough, meanwhile, it was actually just the way the nappy was absorbing the wetness in such a way that the nappy doesn’t sag at the bottom or feel heavy.

Now in all honestly, there has been the odd occasion where I haven’t changed my baby’s nappy in time. Life can get real busy and it happens to the best of us. And when that happened, my little ones clothing ended up wet. With the Pampers Air Magic nappy, it stays quite dry. And this is where the air channels come in. They ensure that the wetness is evenly distributed which helps tremendously with keeping baby’s bottom dry.

This is especially important for avoiding rashes. The last thing a mom wants to see and experience, is an unhappy baby. If you’ve experienced a baby with a nappy rash, you will know that it’s not a nice time for anyone around that baby. And the poor baby suffers through that pain.

Our favorite nappy is now even better!

I also noticed the nappy has a better fit and fits a lot more secure. This is probably because of the new sizing. See below the weight range changes

No waking up at night time

I don’t wake up during the night to change Cole’s nappy, unless he’s made a poo which he has never done during the night. However because he is a toddler, his wee is a lot heavier than a younger baby or newborn. So when we wake up the next morning, changing his nappy would usually be the first thing I do. The worst thing to do in the early morning is having to change a wet baby’s clothing and whatever else has been messed. That’s enough to put a damper on anyones morning! See what I did there? Ha!

But with the Pampers Air Magic nappies, theres no need to rush to get that nappy changed. Of course I do change it at my earliest convenience however I don’t need to make sure it’s the first thing I do. And the nappy is nice and dry and light weight. Our favorite nappy is now even better!

How to identify the new Pampers Air Magic nappies in store

Look out the very bold Air Magic sign in the front right hand corner of the package. Heres what they look like in the various sizes:

Our favorite nappy is now even better!

The nappies retail for around R230, across all major SA retailors. Currently available are the sizes 4-6 but sizes 1-3 will be introduced into the market in the coming months.

Our favorite nappy is now even better! – It’s Key Features

The new Pampers Air Magic nappies were designed with both mom and baby in mind. It was important to Pampers that the following requirements were met through the new innovation:

  • Dryness: Give your baby breathable dryness, a new dimension of overnight dryness
  • Comfort: For a good night’s sleep
  • Design: For a joyful experience for your baby
  • Safety: Clinically and dermatologically tested to make sure your baby’s sensitive skin is respected

With that said, here are some of the key features in the Pampers Air Magic nappies:

Air Channels

The new pampers has 2 air-channels that ensure baby’s bottom is dry and less damp


As I mentioned earlier, it provides great fit to help prevent leaks

Absorbent Micro Pearls

Each nappy contains an inner layer with Micro Pearls that are able to absorb up to 30 x of its own weight and help lock away wetness for up to 12 hours.

Dry Layer

The nappy absorbs wetness and which helps keeping it away from baby’s skin.

Baby Lotion

The nappy contains a baby lotion which helps protect babies skin from rashes.

New Design

The new Pampers Air Magic nappies also have new interior & exterior designs. They rather cute and perfect for both boys and girls.

Wetness indicator on small sizes

The wetness indicator turns blue when the baby wets his nappy.

Our favorite nappy is now even better!

The new Pampers Baby-Dry #PampersAirMagic is a YES from us!

Although I like enjoy trying new things, I’m also always loyal to a particular brand. And pampers is that brand for our family when it comes to nappies. I’ve used them with both our kids and I love that even though their nappies are already top quality, they’re constantly looking for ways to improve and keep baby’s bottom dry. And that is important to me. Because a baby with a dry bottom equals happy mom. Happy mom equals happy home.

For more information, please visit the Pampers website or social media channels:

Website | Facebook

Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Pampers however the views and thoughts are all my own.

Tata for now

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