Six ways to keep active as a family

Discovering sports, hobbies or other activities that the whole family can enjoy together is a great way to keep your family fit and healthy – and fit children are likely to be healthier as adults. Recent studies have shown that fit children have better lung function as adults. Exercise also helps build stronger bones and leaner bodies and helps ward off diseases such as type 2 diabetes, improving one’s outlook on life. Dettol has shared with me six ways to keep active as a family, so keep reading. They sure will make a positive impact on your family.

Making exercise part of your family routine will instill the habit in your children, making it more likely that they’ll go on to stay active when they grow up. Children look to their parents as role models, so seeing parents enjoying being active will inspire them to follow suit. And the time spent in shared activities is valuable in itself, as it helps build a sense of togetherness: this contributes significantly to good mental health and increases longevity.

six ways to keep active as a family

Six ways to keep active as a family


Cycling is a popular sport that can be shared by the wholefamily – at least once your children are old enough to ride a bike. Thanks toits popularity, there are many trails and venues available where your familycan ride without concern for traffic. Make sure you have the right safetyequipment!


Even if you don’t have a pool, public swimming pools offer a great day out. Take a picnic, lather up with sunblock and get splashing.


South Africa has a plethora of excellent hikes through spectacular terrain, (the world-famous Otter Trail being one example). Start small with regular walks during the week, and a few kilometres over the weekend – look online for short hikes in your area – and build up to a multi-day trail adventure where you can experience the wonders of nature. If you’ve been following my motherhood journey on Instagram, you will know that we’ve recently started daily mid week walks around our area. It really has made all the difference.

six ways to keep active as a family

Get gardening

Easier said than done, I know. But with a little help, gardening can be enjoyable. Start a veggie garden and get everyone involved in digging, planting, composting, harvesting and eating the resulting produce. This is a great de-stressing hobby, one that will introduce children to a host of information about the natural world. While not as active as the activities above, gardening keeps children from sedentary hobbies – like watching TV. And kids may be more enthusiastic about eating fresh fruit and vegetables if they’ve been involved in growing it.

Don’t fear dirt

Whatever activities best suit your family, don’t let the fear of dirt, germs and bad odours, get in the way. Instil good hygiene habits from a young age, such as regular handwashing, and a refreshing shower at the end of an active day. Invest in good hygiene products, such as a good soap. Dettol’s Profresh range will help ward off many illness-causing germs and helps eliminate the source of bad odour – and your fit and active family will reap all the benefits, while smelling fresh at school and the office the next day. 

Thanks to Dettol for sharing these useful six ways to keep active as a family. I hope they will help you and your family!

PS, You can now take a pledge for hand hygiene. No child should suffer from preventable diseases. Join the movement by pledging to wash hands with soap and water. Pledge is FREE!!

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