SASKO Top Bakers Programme

Last month, I attended Sasko Chef’s Kitchen where we learned how to make our own bread. We baked and ate our own delicious bread. I learned just how quick and easy it is to make your own bread. And I’m talking about gourmet, colorful and tastey bread.  We also learned about the new SASKO Top Bakers Programme that would be launching this month. Its a very cool concept, so if you love baking, then the SASKO Top Bakers Programme is just for you! SASKO have always provided easy to prepare recipes for their customers (I’ve shared some of them here), and now they’ve upped their game even more.



SASKO Top Bakers Programme: SASKO celebrates the baker in you!

SASKO wants to celebrate SA’s Top Bakers. Whether you’re a 24 hour bakery, a mom baking cupcakes for school, or feeding commutters in the early hours of each morning. This November, SASKO launches its SASKO Top Bakers programme which applauds and supports ALL bakers and baking enthusiasts.

Le-Anne Engelbrecht, Marketing Executive at Pioneer Foods:

“Daily, we deliver freshly baked bread to millions of South Africans and every one of these loaves are baked with SASKO flour. We are passionate about baking and know first-hand that it is a highly skilled job, and what makes bakers experts is their passion, dedication, care and the tireless effort they put into their craft. Most of the time, people do not see their effort. It is this very same expertise and care that SASKO puts into baking and milling.”

The SASKO Top Bakers programme will feature SASKO customers and their baking philosophy in print ads, social media, and on the SASKO website, www.sasko.co.za, along with guest appearances on TV. There is also a SASKO Top Bakers group on Facebook where baking advice is offered and recipes shared within the community.


SASKO Top Bakers Programme SASKO Top Bakers Programme


Head to www.sasko.co.za, SASKO’s Facebook page and the SASKO Top Bakers Facebook group to find out more and meet a few of the SASKO Top Bakers in South Africa.


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