I’ve finally started my natural hair journey

So much has changed in me lately. Actually, no. Let me rephrase. Nothing has actually changed. Rather, how I am seeing myself has changed. I’m learning new things about me every single day. My thirties have given me a new perspective on life. For one, I’ve finally started my natural hair journey. I say finally not because I’ve been putting it off for so long. But because I’ve finally decided to embrace my natural hair. I never thought I’d ever embrace my natural hair. And so, I want to share why I’ve decided to start this journey and what I’m hoping to achieve.


Seeing me with a new pair of eyes

You see, perspective is a real thing. It can be life changing in many many ways. How I perceive ME when I look in the mirror can determine how I groom myself, how I treat myself and even others. It can even rob me of many opportunities or give me the confidence to reach for those opportunities. Basically, it can affect everything.

For a very long time, infact most of my life, I’ve believed that my hair is better when its straight and sleek. That I will be more accepted by people when its straight and sleek. That people will most likely take me seriously in any given situation if my hair is straight and sleek. It probably seeps through from some kind of personal insecurities, who knows!

Many a time, especially during high school and just shortly after, I was forced to wear my hair naturally. There were no flat irons back then so I was forced to wear my hair naturally, more often than not. And I hated it. I used to feel so uncomfortable in my own skin.


I've finally started my natural hair journey
Day 4 of my natural hair journey



“Is it Natural?”

So no, I’ve never enjoyed wearing my hair naturally. Infact, if I had it my way, no one would have ever seen my natural hair state. Most people who know me haven’t, unless they know me from baaaaack in the day. Just a few days ago, while I was in Clicks at the natural hair products isle, I bumped into someone I’ve known for over ten years who I see on a weekly if not a daily bases. She said “Wow your hair looks lovely, is it natural?”.

It was a moment of mixed feelings for me. Bitter Sweet. I felt heartbroken that I had failed to reveal the real me, to someone I’ve known for over ten years. Thrilled that in the eyes of someone else, my damaged curls still looked great.

At the age of 34 I’ve finally started my natural hair journey and it was 99% a change in perspective that motivated me. I see myself differently. I don’t need straight hair to be a successful wife, mother, daughter, sister, colleague, friend and relative. I’ve been hiding behind my own hair. This has got to stop. It has stopped.


I’ve finally started my natural hair journey

Its time to embrace me. My natural hair state. I really am so excited that I’ve finally started my natural hair journey. And I hope that I can help someone else fall in love with their own natural hair too. And embrace it. Rid the shame and do the natural hair thang!


No more flat ironing.

No more gripping my stands of hair so tightly to make my hair sleek and glowy while burning its natural state away.

I am me.

Finally, I accept who I am and what I see.

I love my natural hair.


I’m not saying I will never wear my hair straight and sleek again nor do I have anything against straight and sleek hair. Infact, I probably will wear my hair straight and sleek from time to time. But not anytime soon, especially not during the reconstruction phase. The one bit I regret, is that I only just got this change of mindset recently. It really saddens me that I’ve spent the most part of my life trying to keep my hair straight. But I am truly excited that I’ve finally started my natural hair journey.

My beginners kit

I haven’t started with much. Just three things. The first thing I bought was this Defining Curl Custard by Aunt Jackie’s. It works pretty well for me so far as its not really a gel nor an oil. Its kind of in between so it does not make my hair hard feel like I have gel on it. My hair dries quite nicely and the custard seems to keep it hydrated for long enough. It also does not give me a sticky sensation on my hands when I apply the product to my hair.

The second item I bought is this Universal Diffuser from HairHouse Warehouse. It fits onto the bottom of basically any hair dryer. I am yet to try it as it was just delivered today (YAY). Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but I am really hoping it’s going to help bring back my curls from my root. As you can in all of the pictures in this article, my roots tend to just lay flat which makes my hair style pretty boring. So I’m hoping the diffuser will make all the difference.


I've finally started my natural hair journey


The third (and currently last)  item/product that I’ve gotten, is knowledge. I’ve been watching some youtube vids here and there. Its amazing what you can learn online nowadays. I sure have learn’t quite a few tricks, and maybe I’ll share them on my platforms once I’ve mastered the arts! I also read a very inspiring article which I believe has helped me prepare mentally and gave me clarity on how to begin this journey. Its an article written by Juwayra Januarie: How to go natural If you too are wanting to embrace your natural hair, I’d recommend reading that article.

I recently expressed my excitement to start my natural hair journey in my stories on my Instagram Page and I will definitely be sharing more of my journey there too. The response I received was phenomenal and so encouraging. It definitely has made me even more excited knowing that I am supported by many others in this journey.


If you have anything of value to add that will help make this journey a little easier, please comment, tag, share, inbox or email.


Tata for now

Tracy xx



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