Should we pack up and leave South Africa

With so many things happening in South Africa lately, hubby and I can’t help but wonder: “Should we pack up and leave South Africa?” I even went as far as searching for flights to London and other countries on Travelstart without any actual plan of action whatsoever.

Not a very smart move, I know. Especially since we have kids that we’re responsible for. But in the moment of panic and when that parental instinct kicks in, one can’t help but act on it. Can you relate?

If theres anything I’ve learned in life though, its to never act on feelings of panic. This is when the biggest mistakes are made. And I cannot imagine making a mistake that involved my kids.

I then reminded myself to just breath a little and write abit. Writing helps me release alot of stress. It helps me reassess matters. And it sure does help me find answers. There was a time where I felt like it was so expensive to just take the kids out. So I wrote about a few budget friendly activities to do in Cape Town with children that we had visited in the past. It helped.

I’ve written a whole bunch of articles that didn’t make it as far as being published on my blog but after writing them, I felt so much better than I did before I started writing them.


Should we pack up and leave South Africa

So I’m going to use this opportunity to write about all the reasons why I think we shouldn’t pack up and leave South Africa. All the things that we’ll dearly miss if we left South Africa. Its Heritage month and it’s Tourism month so theres been loads of posts doing the rounds on social media, reminding us of our various cultures. And it sure has reminded me that this is home.

I’m hoping that by the end of this article I will have some clarity on this. We don’t want to make a hasty decision out of panic. We really need to be sure.

Should we pack up and leave South Africa - South African Mom Blogger

Some of the things we’ll miss about South Africa if we left

All the spices

The lingo – Awe!

Tropical weather

The variations of weather from city to city

All the diversity

Definitely the wide varieties of foods

The tastey curries


The various accents

Table Mountain

Drakensburg Mountains

Being able to buy a tastey boerewors roll at our local Spar on Saturdays

My family and friends

Fresh koeksisters on a Sunday morning

Bunny chows


Flea Markets

The fruit and veg sold on the side of the road

The big five at all the game parks that I am yet to visit haha!


Sun City

The freshest fish and chips

Knowing that if my car should fail me, I’ll have the option of the My City busses, a taxi, a train or an Uber


Samp and beans

The petrol attendants

The abundance of locally produced music

I need to know from YOU, should we pack up and leave South Africa

After writing this article I suddenly realized that “howzit” is part of my vocabulary. How will go through life not being able to use that term?

What’s weighing heavily on my heart though, is that both my brothers are living in New Zealand. It’s definitely one of the countries at the top of our list if we definitely decided to leave. Problem is, we have so much to gain by leaving and so much to gain by staying.

Should we pack up and leave South Africa? For now, I’m leaning more towards no than yes.

What would you miss if you left South Africa? Can you help fully convince us to stay?


Tata for now

Tracy xx



6 thoughts on “Should we pack up and leave South Africa”

  • We are trying our best to get our kids out. Go. Get your kids out. Just for pure safety and peace of mind. You can make your own biltong, make new friends and find other mountains to love.

  • I can feel your conflicting emotions in this blog post. It’s really hard when no one else can make that decision for you. I hope that you and your family will be able to clearly listen to your gut feeling. And trust it. You have a good heart.
    Ps. I hope you stay xx

  • No one can tell you what you should do but half the items on your list are food… New Zealand has an incredibly diverse variety of food and most of the other things you’ll miss. I don’t worry that if my car breaks down, someone might attack me because it’s super safe and public transport is so affordable and convenient that I hardly use my car. In the end, you have to think about what’s best and then decide. They have boerewors here too.

  • It’s a real tough decision and not one that people can make for each other.
    I’ve written a hundred posts about and only publishing one about it this week 🙈
    At the end of the day happiness is an inside job and we can be as want to be wherever we want to be. Don’t be influenced by other people’s decisions. Do what is right for you and your family.

  • I think you have to make your own mind up about this one. But for me the top reason to stay would be my mom. She has dropped everything to be with me because of my husband’s stroke and did that before when I was on bedrest too. She won’t leave SA and I need to be close. Once you are in another country it becomes more difficult to look after your parents from afar. On the other hand there is a safety aspect and that alone is huge. I know people who were robbed and tied up in their home, separated from each other and decided then and there to move. And you can understand that.
    So at the end of the day you have to make the decision you can live with. And only you can decide.

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