Squeaky clean spring cleaning hacks {for busy moms}

I don’t know what has gotten into me over the past couple of weeks, but it feels like my OCD levels have gone up a notch. Specifically when it comes to cleaning. I’ve literally been looking for the dirt. I’ve been spending so much of my “free” time at home cleaning and picking up after everyone. I need to stop before I end up missing out on a lifetime of real memories with my family. But before I do that, I just wanted to share with you these squeaky clean spring cleaning hacks for busy moms that CHUX have put together for us. To be honest, I go through cleaning frenzies quite often. Especially on those days where I don’t feel tired or don’t have anything else to do. You know when you start off doing the dishes and then end up washing all the curtains, cleaning all your cupboards out, wiping down all the walls etc.. I’ll admit, it feels good afterwards knowing that everything squeaky clean but it’s not so good on the body haha! CHUX® have clearly recognized the pressure alot of us are under when it comes to keeping up with the cleaning of our homes and this is why they’ve put together these squeaky clean spring cleaning hacks especially for busy moms. Furthermore, I can personally vouch for their product range as they sent me a hamper of their products to try. My favorite of course is the magic eraser. I put it to the test a couple of months ago and shared the results on my Instagram account. Here’s the post, but you might have to click on it to view both the before and after pictures.

Squeaky clean spring cleaning hacks

Kitchen Hacks:
  • Don’t struggle to get into those hard to reach places like under the fridge, corners of the windows and between your cupboards. Wrap a CHUX® Superwipe Cloth around a butter knife and get right into the nooks and crannies that gather dust and grime.
  • To give the microwave a thorough cleaning, dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraserblock to remove the grease and grime without having to use any chemicals or elbow grease! Wipe it down with a CHUX® Absorbent Cloth for a streak-free finish.

Around the home:

  • Clean off unsightly marks from walls, skirting boards and light switches. Simply dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraser with water and rub the marks off gently, with ease.
  • To make the floors sparkle all around the house, wrap a broom with a dampened CHUX® Superwipe and mop the floors. The cloth can be easily rinsed and used over and over again!
For more information on Chux® visit www.chux.co.za or www.facebook.com/ChuxSA/. Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide Do you have any tried and tested squeaky clean spring cleaning hacks for busy moms to share?
Squeaky clean Spring cleaning hacks - South African Mom Blogger
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