Please keep your dog away from my kids

I’m not crazy about dogs but I can’t honestly say that I dislike or hate them. There are definitely some that I’m more drawn to than others. We all have personal preference. I’ve had my own dogs and I loved them dearly. They were part of our family and I can’t imagine having grown up without them in my life. I’m afraid of any other dog though. Its just who I am.  So if you’d be so kind as to please keep your dog away from my kids, I’ll tell you why in a sec.

I’ve always been a cautious person. I don’t like taking big risks, especially where my kids are concerned. Alot of the time, I am told that ‘I’m over reacting” or “Don’t worry, my dog doesn’t bite” or “My dog loves kids”. Still, I don’t think theres anything wrong in being extra careful. I don’t expect my kids to live in a bubble, no. But I strongly believe in the quote “Rather safe than sorry”.

Now I know all dogs are not the same, and I understand that many people know their dogs well. I also understand that their training and relationship with their family (owner) plays a big role in how they treat others. Infact, this is the same for us humans. Our upbringing and relationships can determine how we treat others and how we react to certain situations.

My reasoning is this: If we as humans can turn on each other, at any given time, without warning, how much more so can a dog? 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all dogs will turn on you or anyone. Infact, I’m no expert on the matter. The point is though, not all humans will turn on you but, we all do have a mind of our own.

I’m just a mom, protecting my young. Can you blame me?

Please keep your dog away from my kids  | South African Mommy Blogger

My colleague’s own dog bit her

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I hadn’t seen a certain colleague in a while. Initially I passed it off as her being on leave. But then it seemed abit too long to have been leave. I then found out she was off sick as her dog had attacked her.

Wait what? Her dog – her own dog – attacked her? I was, and still am completely shocked. This story gets me every single time. Of course upon hearing this, I pictured it as being like a minor bite. I mean her own dog couldn’t have possibly bit to kill her. I wasn’t even quite sure I believed the story. Surely they got abit of the details wrong. Perhaps it was someone else’s dog who had bit her.

So I thought I’d wait to hear the full story from her when she returned to work. To cut a long story short, she explained to me that it was a usual evening and she had just fed her dog a few minutes prior. Her dog then came gushing at her and started biting her in various places. Her dog had bitten big chunks from her (I personally saw the photos of the bites). Only after a long struggle and with the help of her boyfriend, they were eventually able to free her from the dog.

Please keep your dog away from my kids  | South African Mommy Blogger

Please keep your dog away from my kids

I’m not putting all dogs under the same umbrella here. This is specifically why I’m not going to get into any detail of the breed of the dog. That does not matter. 

What matters here, is that an owner, who had a loving relationship with her dog, was attacked by her dog. We can dissect this story and think about why and how and find all sorts of reasons as to why this happened. Or we could choose to be cautious. Cautious when others are around our dogs.

I’m surely not asking alot of you when I ask you to please keep your dog away from my kids.

Tata for now

Tracy X

10 thoughts on “Please keep your dog away from my kids”

  • That is a scary story. When we go on nature walks with the kids where I work it freaks me out that people do not put their dogs on leashes. And anything can happen. We have an old dog at home but dogs can bite when provoked, that’s why when you have a kid who likes to manhandle the dog you have to be vigilant. I’m amazed though that your friend was attacked and there wasn’t even a provocation. I wonder if the dog was sick or something? Was it a pit bull? What kind of dog?

    • Exactly. The thing is, alot of people have the mindset that their dog loves kids and doesn’t bite, but what they don’t realize is that each dog has a mind of their own and they therefore cannot ever guarantee anyones safety. So its always best to be safe than sorry!

  • Hi,
    I agree with you – lots of people think their dog won’t bite but what happens when a baby/toddler or child pulls the dogs fur because they don’t know what “gently” means yet. I have a 10 month old and I sit with him when he’s around the dog at his granny’s houses. He has to be watched all the time with the dogs which he loves.

    • Thanks so much for reading. You’re so right, babies and toddlers can be quite aggressive with animals, not because they mean harm, and the problem with that is that dogs can interpret it the wrong way and act on it.

  • Absolutely, but the reverse also resonates with me: Please keep your kids away from my dog. I tell my little girl that always; don’t go near dogs that you don’t know. Dogs and kids are volatile, you never know what they’re going to do.

  • I agree with you completely. Dogs can snap at any given time. Last year December 30th my 5yr old son Austin was bitten in the face by my parents staffie. What started as a normal day for me working in the GP’s office turned out to be a nightmare when my husband came rushing into the surgery with our son who’s face was covered in blood. He was standing next to Austin while he was patting the dog. When they turned around to come back inside the dog went for Austin biting him on the nose right through the nasal cavity. We rushed him to the ER where we had to wait on a Plastic Surgeon to do emergency surgery. I was in a state and my poor boy clearly still in shock didn’t speak and didnt even cry. My son could have lost an eye and is now scarred and traumatised. When we on the beach or in the park he clings for dear life when he sees a dog.

  • ok i don’t agree with the article. there are dog friendly beaches and beaches that don’t allow dogs at all. so if you choose to go to a dog friendly beach you choose to engage with dogs. if you don’t want to engage with dogs go to a beach(all the nice beaches) that does not allow dogs. like dog owners have to hunt for the limited parks and beaches that allow dogs im sure dog haters can do the same

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