I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways

In this hood we call motherhood, we doubt ourselves oh too often. We sometimes pity ourselves, we question our own decisions, we don’t listen to our gut feeling and we down talk ourselves. And sometimes it can get out of control. It’s happened to me many a time before. I get used to feeling like I’m not a good-enough mother. And then I have to go through the whole thing of rewiring my thinking and reminding myself that ‘HEY! I am the best mother that MY child needs right now and always!’. This time around I did it a little different though. Infact, I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways and you’ll probably laugh!


I de-cluttered my home

I spent some time in my home. We moved a few things around. I repacked my clothing cupboard and the kids clothing cupboard. The kids helped of course. I organized a few things around so that there is a flow of order. You know I just can’t think in a messy place and even more so when there is no order. I really dislike it when things are not in their places. Through this process, I found all the bits of things I had been looking for which I could not find. You know the odd hair clip or the red scissor that works so well on everything. Even that school form that we’ve been searching high and low for. I went as far as sorting out my plastic ware. You know how there is always a container without a lid or a lid but no container. Well, that’s sorted!

It’s important for me to have order in my home. And it certainly isn’t easy to keep an orderly home with kids, especially toddlers. So de-cluttering is something that I have to do every few months. A detox to my home, is a detox to my mind. Strange I know, but it works well for me.


I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways | South African Mommy Blogger


I went for a full body massage

This is probably the cheesiest of the two. When I said I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways, you probably didn’t think I mean this cheesy. I mean, how can a full body massage give me my mojo back? So when My Massage contacted me to try out their services, I was keen and really hoped that this was the bit that would help me feel me again. And indeed it did. I loved that their reminder message included the details of where the studio is, to where I could find parking. The highlight was the manner in which I was welcomed. I was warmly welcomed and made to feel as if I was the only client they were seeing that evening. I also enjoyed the soft local jazz music playing in the background. It gave me a sense of home, relaxation and happiness.

Then there was the actual massage. It was real good. Throughout the massage I kept thinking how amazing it felt and hoping that I wouldn’t fall asleep. It was so good that it was very possible for me to have fallen asleep. And in all honesty, I left there feeling like a million bucks! My body felt so light, as if I was walking on air. It really was the bit that helped me feel me again. I felt ready to take on the world again. To conquer my motherhood fears with my everything! The very next morning, my friend said to me that I looked refreshed and revived. And believe me, this was not thanks to my nights rest. My toddler doesn’t sleep through yet.


I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways | South African Mommy Blogger I got my mojo back in two cheesy ways | South African Mommy Blogger


About My Massage

My Massage is built on the following core fundamentals:

Create a beautiful place where both genders feel comfortable in, staff it only with experienced therapists with great touch, and don’t charge people more than the market rate.

Fortunately, My Massage is still running an opening special of 50% off your first treatment (until 15 August 2018) so get booking!! Furthermore, all massages can be customized to meet your specific needs, so if you have not found what you’re looking for on their website, get in touch with them.

Here are all their contact details:



So tell me, what do you do to get your mojo back when going through abit of a slump?

Tata for now

Tracy xx



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