Are your kids bored of their toys

Children are generally so excited when they receive new toys. Then they get tired of them. And they are then added to the rest of the toys that were abandoned. Some of them end up with a whole lot of dust. Our eldest son eventually lost track of what toys he had. After sharing this concern with other parents, I realized this was quite common. This needed to stop. I was completely done with buying toys and seeing them collect dust.


Not only did our son lose track of what toys he had, but he also lost appreciation for them. And he didn’t take care of them the way he should have. So we decided to stop buying toys. And it worked like a charm. Not long after, Liam was playing with his older toys again. He started enjoying them, as if they were brand new. He began taking care of them much better, and now knows exactly where they are when we question him.


I’m hoping to train up Cole in the same way. It’s important that they appreciate every single toy they are given. At the end of the day, we are spending our hard earned cash on these toys. Furthermore, kids do not necessarily understand the cost of these toys. Whether we buy them toys of R50 or R350, they don’t know the difference. In the eyes of a kid, all they see is, another toy.


Are your kids bored of their toys? Smart Toy Club can help!

Smart Toy Club was started 5 yrs ago by 2 single mums that saw a need for a variety of good quality toys for little ones. Both moms had kids of their own, a 2 year old boy at the time and twins aged 1 year and they needed a sustainable solution. They got tired of buying toys that their children soon outgrew or grew bored of and the cheap plastic toys just kept landing up in the bin. To top it all off – the price of toys they wanted for their kids were astronomical and just didn’t make sense.


And so Smart Toy Club was born! Smart Toy Club s a toy hiring service for kids aged 6 months to 5 years old. The services enables you to hire toys that are appropriate to your child’s age (and personality). Your child can use/play with the toys for 4 weeks, from R299 per month. Your child will have access to top quality educational toys.


The toys are carefully packaged to suit your childs age and needs. This is based on a short number of questions you answer when registering. You will receive about 5 toys in each bag and the value of the toys are on average R700. Below are some of the toys in the 1-2 year old category. Some of the brands of toys are Fisher Price, Leap Frog and some other strong wooden toys.




How much does it cost

Smart Toy Club was kind enough give us access to the service for a period of 3 months. I can therefore personally vouch for the toys and the service. I must admit, I was abit skeptical at first, because the first thing that came to mind was, what if the toys break. Smart Toy Club are well aware that kids are still learning how to take care of their toys at such a young age , and that is why they’ve chosen good quality toys. In my personal experience of Smart Toy Club, the quality of the toys were so good, that I really had nothing to be concerned about.


The price is really worth the service and the toys you receive. Cape Town families are able to collect their bag of toys and this costs R249 for one bag. If you wish to have your toys delivered, it will cost you R299. For other areas, it will cost you R349 per month. Considering that the value of the toys in the bag are around R700, you are truly getting value for your spend.


To assist with the toy hunt before collection, Smart Toy Club sent me an email a few days prior, specifying which toys were going to be collected. This made things alot easier on my end. When I received the toys, they were in a neat and clean condition.  I could hardy believe they had been used by any other kids! Furthermore, through use of this service, I was able to see my toddler further develop his motor skills. And the toys certainly provide great stimulation for kids.



Are your kids bored of their toys - South African Parenting & Lifestyle Blog Are your kids bored of their toys - South African Parenting & Lifestyle Blog Are your kids bored of their toys - South African Parenting & Lifestyle BlogAre your kids bored of their toys - South African Parenting & Lifestyle Blog Are your kids bored of their toys - South African Parenting & Lifestyle Blog


With this kind of service, comes a whole lot of questions. For this reason, Smart Toy Club have put together FAQ section. Visit their home page here, and navigate to their FAQ section in the menu.

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