10 Baby items you really don’t need

There are loads more out there I’m sure, but today I’m talking about just 10 baby items you really don’t need and by not buying them, you’ll save yourself some pennies. As a first time mom, shopping for your baby before he/she arrives, can be daunting. Unless you’ve watched someone close to you raise a newborn and have seen the items they used, you will probably feel a little lost. I certainly did. I remember wanting to buy something for my baby before he arrived but had no clue on what to buy. So I decided on going to the baby isle in a supermarket and thought it will just ‘come to me’.

There were a million things on the shelves. The disposable nappies confused me so much so I gave up on that. Then I saw a few bottles. There were so many different ones. I actually had no intentions on bottle feeding so I still don’t know why I chose a bottle. And, the bottle I chose was a no name bottle, which was not even suitable for a newborn.


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My point is, when you know absolutely nothing about caring for a newborn, your journey can turn out alot more complicated than it needs to be. On the other hand, it is important to trust YOUR way, as a mom to YOUR child. And that will mean making some mistakes along the way, and that is ok. You will look back and laugh at them, and by the time you have your second child, you will know what works for you and what doesn’t.

So here is my list of ten baby items you really don’t to raise a baby. I encourage you to read this list with an open mind since this list is entirely my opinion, and my way. So again, trust YOUR way with YOUR child. If you fancy buying any of these products, go for it. If you’ve used any of these products and you loved them, great!



10 Baby items you really don’t need

Wet wipe warmer

This is a great product to have during winter. But, once you start using this, be prepared to carry it around everywhere you go! Once baby is used to warm wet wipes, there is no going back!

Changing Table

You would get much more value for your money in buying a set of draws which has a big enough section on top to change baby. This way, you have more packing space for baby’s clothing, and the draws can later be transformed to suit their age. A changing table, is only used for the first few months.

Baby food processor

Someone once said that there are just two differences between a food processor and a baby food processor. That is, the name, and the price. That being said, a hand stick blender does pretty much the same job as a food processor. It will take slightly longer, but will cost you a whole lot less. If you have the means and you fancy buying one anyway, I say go for it!

Bottle warmer

This is also a great product to have during the winter, for formula fed babies. I personally did not use one though. I wasn’t prepared to carry one around everywhere I went. If the previously boiled water was too cold, I would just boil the kettle again for a few seconds. This was not a regular thing though because I knew that once baby had gotten used to the perfect temperature milk, I would have to always ensure that it is always served at that temperature, whether I’m in a mall or walking along the beach.

Nappy bin

In my humble personal opinion, this was the most unnecessary invention. Can it even be called an invention? I mean, it’s a bin at the end of the day. I don’t understand why anyone would want to have a bin full of dirty nappies in the room. It would make me so uncomfortable. And it just sounds so unhygienic. Why would you not immediately throw a dirty nappy in the outside bin anyway?

Baby shoes

I found that both my kids never wore their shoes until just before they started walking. And they both started walking at 11 months old. Baby feet are so soft and tender anyway.

Baby Bouncer

These are so cute! And they are so much fun, IF your baby actually sits in there for more than a minute. We bought one with our second child, and he only sat in there for more than a minute about 4 times max! Complete waste of money on our end.

Bath Thermometer

You can use your elbows to check the water tempreture. Then go with your gut!

Walking ring

In my humble personal opinion, this is unnecessary. However, it can be loads of fun watching your little one move around before they can walk on their own. Our first born had one but our youngest didn’t and they both started walking at 11 months. So I can’t exactly say it helps and I can’t say it doesn’t. It’s your choice.

Brand new items

Not everything needs to be brand new. You can buy very well kept second hand goods online that will cost you a lot less than a new item would.


I would love to hear from you if there are any in this list that you used which you loved or if there are any other unnecessary baby items that new moms don’t need.


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3 thoughts on “10 Baby items you really don’t need”

  • Have to agree with about half of these only. I guess it’s up to the individual families, but we loved our bouncer, the nappy bin in a flat is a must for smells, bath thermometer was always used. I also repurposed a desk as a changing station for my daughter – big mistake – as was too narrow and she fell off. For baby no 2, that was on the list to buy and now passed down to my sister who still uses it. When you are in the thick of the baby phase – a product that makes your life easier for even a few months – was still worth it for us!

    • Yeah you can say that again! We all have our journey at the end of the day, this is me just sharing mine. Alot of the items that were not worth our spend, usually ended up being given away since there was such a huge gap between our kids. But for someone who has their kids quite close, doesn’t seem like such a loss.

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