Five reasons why I won’t survive as a stay at home mom

There are more, but today I am only talking about five reasons why I won’t survive as a stay at home mom. First off, I just want to clear the air. I have the deepest respect for stay at home moms. I cannot think of a more difficult job than being a stay at home mom. It is probably one of the most testing jobs. But equally the most rewarding jobs too. And it’s the kind of rewards only moms can relate to. They’re not visible and certainly not tangible. That can be argued I guess. But the point is, being a stay at home is not an easy job. And it’s not an easy person to be. Because honestly speaking, it probably is who you become. And I’m not talking about the wealthy stay at home moms (No offense mean’t here).

I’m talking about the stay at home moms who don’t have an everyday cleaner, those who don’t get to spend time in the salon once a week and get their nails done etc etc. No. I’m talking about your average mom. The one who has 2.5 kids, of which at least one of them is probably a toddler. She gets to do her hair and nails at the salon once a month and not once a week. And she does her own laundry. She has help with the cleaning probably once every two weeks or never at all. Do you now know who I’m talking about? So here are five reasons why I won’t survive as a stay at home mom.


Five reasons why I won’t survive as a stay at home mom


Five reasons why I won't survive as a stay at home mom - South African mom blogger. Parenting and Lifestyle.

I need to earn my own dollar

I’m a new age modern mom. I need to earn my own dollar. And I don’t want spending money, or to be treated with gifts every month. I enjoy buying my own clothes, my own make-up and treating myself to a hair do every now and then. No offense to the giver, but it gives me an important sense of independence, which is what I need to survive any day of being a modern mom.


I need to socialize with adults

I truly treasure the company of my kids. Infact, it’s more than that. I LOVE the company of my kids. But as an adult female in this modern world, I need to socialize and reason with people of my age and understanding from time to time. Not necessarily everyday. But none at all can be detrimental to my mental well-being. Social media unfortunately does not cut it.


I thrive on commendation

If you know me well or have ever worked with me, you will know that my work is my pride. There is so much joy derived from me handing over an excellent piece of work. I love being told “well done” just as any other human does. No I don’t need to hear it every single day but I enjoy it from time to time. Who doesn’t enjoy a pat on the back for a job well done?


I need a reason to dress up and put on make up

I don’t fancy wearing make up everyday. Infact, I don’t fancy dressing up everyday either. So there are days where I look like I walked straight outa Jurassic Park ha! And there are days where I’ve cleaned up well. But I find that dressing up and putting on a bit of make up from time to time just make my days alot more productive. And I feel content and confident. I’d like to think I’m quite confident in my natural state, but some make up and clothing that aren’t maternity pants or PJ’s, certainly spice things up for me.


I need stimulation

This largely relates to point 3 because I love working hard towards the desired end result. Numbers give me stimulation. And spreadsheets, oh how I love spreadsheets and seeing that bottom number balance. I don’t necessarily get stimulation from finally reaching an empty laundry basket (for five minutes). Although I can totally relate to that feeling of joy when you see an empty laundry basket. I just don’t want to be the one achieving it. It’s just not for me.




I can safely conclude, that in a perfect world, I would work a 3-days-a-week kind of job so that I can enjoy that precious time with my kids, feel the joy of having a temporary empty laundry basket, stay in my PJ’s all day, dress up abit, put on make up from time to time and still have enough dollars to treat myself. But I don’t live in a perfect world. So I’m going to do the full time job.


Can you relate? Or better yet, are you stay at home mom? I would love to hear why you would not survive as a full time working mom.


Tata for now

Tracy xx



5 thoughts on “Five reasons why I won’t survive as a stay at home mom”

  • Hi, thank you for this article!! Needed it. My boy is 1 year old and vommiting for the first time today. I felt so hopeless at 2am. I stay in a small town so medz is not freely available at 2am. Today was the first time that i thought, “How easy would it be to be a stay-at-home-mom”. Not get ready for work but care for my little man. Not worry am I letting someone down at work, etc. I questioned for the first time my decision to be a “working mommy”. I know i will go crazy ( basically the same reasons as yours) if i stayed home. I have always been independent, especially with some cards life dealt i had to learn to stand on my own two feet and survive. And i love it. Was hard to leave my boy with his nanny, i think it would have been easier if it was his Granny ( she looks after him but due to some circumstances she was not in town so had to use a strange nanny since last week). Have to say she amazing but I only lasted till 10am and went to pic him up and care for him.Be there for him made me feel like Wonder Woman. But going to work, getting the “impossible done” , recognition and dressing up makes me ME!! I just had to remember that. Thank you x x

  • I stayed home with my ill child last week and by day 4 of being indoors, I was over it. I was not over taking care of my child over the household responsibilities that came along with it. It didn’t stop! I felt frustrated. I realized that I couldn’t survive one week and will most likely never survive being a permanent stay at home mom, but most importantly that work has become my “break” and keeps me sane 😂☺️

  • When I was unemployed, the hardest part for me was having my toddler around. I started freelancing and felt like I can’t work with her around. I was so happy when I was able to take her to the creche again. So I relate to what you are saying.

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