How to stop throwing away your vegetables {Free Meal and Ingredient Planner}

I am so guilty of this. I buy lovely colorful and fresh vegetables with the best intentions. All I want is for my family and I to eat healthy. You know, just like any other mom out there. But, we throw away so much and every time we do, I hear my owns moms voice in my mind saying “You know there are other people out there that are starving!”. I never quite got that saying when I was a kid, but I sure do now. So I’ve put together a few thoughts and tips on how to stop throwing away your vegetables.

The price of vegetables in South Africa have sky rocketed within the last couple of years. I remember a time where we could spend about a R100 on two weeks worth of veggies. Infact, I remember a time where our monthly groceries which included one a half trolleys, would cost us roughly about R1 500, and we thought that was alot. Ok I’m going off track here. Point is, vegetables are expensive and times are tough, so save where you can.

How to stop throwing away your vegetables

Plan your meals

The first step to stop throwing away your veggies is to plan your meals. Where is the time you ask? There isn’t any, so as a busy mom, you’re going to have to squeeze it in during tea breaks, lunch breaks, loo breaks, toddler naps or maybe that free 10 minute break you get for being such an amazing mom!

List your ingredients

The second and most important step is, using your meal planner, write down each and every ingredient you will be using. In this case we are trying to stop wasting our precious vegetables, so write down all the vegetables you will be using as per the meals list. Then, you only buy the vegetables on the list. Do not shop on an empty stomach. Do not look back. Shop the vegetables on the list only. If you suddenly think of a dish that you would like to make, then add it to the following weeks list.

It will save you time and energy and money

If there is anything I hate, it is having to come home from work and wreck my brain over what to make for supper. It stresses me out and quite frankly, I could be spending that time figuring out my 9 year old sons maths equations! If you’ve read my article, 1 Week back to school and I am wrecked, you will know that I don’t have much time to spare in my busy mom-life. So, I much prefer collating my list during the week, purchasing my goodies over the weekend, and having one less thing to think about during the week. And this way, I don’t get to waste money on vegetables that are not even going to make it to the pot.

Free Meal and Ingredient Planner

Download your free meal and ingredient planner here

Weekly Meal and Ingredient Planner

It is a two page meal planner. Page 1 is for you to plan your meals, and page two is for your to list your ingredients. To save on paper and our precious trees, use a pencil and use the same planner each week. For those of you that shop veggies every second week, print 2 copies of the planner.  Print it, and share it with ALL your friends! And please tell them that you got it from me!!

How to stop throwing away your vegetables - South african mom blogger

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Tata for now!

Love Tracy xx

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