My toddler won’t sleep and I’m about to lose my mind

I feel like I am way too old for this. My body just cannot take it anymore. My toddler won’t sleep and I’m about to lose my mind!!

I am currently between thoughts like, “I cannot wait until he is like 5 and passed all the awful sleeping patterns” AND “Oh he’s just so cute and adorable, he just melts my heart, I wish he would stay this age forever!” Ha! It’s such a weird place to be in and I keep getting caught between the two. I’m extremely exhausted. I think I’ve reached the highest level of exhaustion. The tantrums don’t help either.

I’ve just seen myself in my little desk mirror and when I saw the big bags under my eyes, I got the fright of my life. I mean, I know I look exhausted, but I didn’t know I looked so much like a zombie. And I am tired of complaining of how tired I am. I mean, when am I ever going to wake up feeling refreshed again?



My toddler won’t sleep and I’m about to lose my mind

This week has been real tough where Cole (19 months) is concerned. Mondays are usually terrible anyway because he has to get used to me leaving him at home in the mornings and then only seeing me in the evening again. So as you can imagine, he’s not a happy chappy and anything triggers a tantrum. Then he also expects me to carry him around everywhere, which puts added stress on my already tired body.

So that wrapped up Monday. Tuesdays are usually slightly better. He is unhappy in the morning but ok by the evening when I get home and not so needy. This Tuesday was different. He had his usual one nap during the day which usually leaves him ready for bed around 19h30. Not last night. He only fell asleep around 21h30. I was ok with that though because I thought he would end up sleeping through and have a nice peacfule sleep. Not. At. All.

He woke up at 02h30 and moaned to the point where I was wide awake. He just wouldn’t settle and struggled to fall asleep again. We probably went back to sleep around 03h45. Nice! This is a repeat of Monday night which I wrote off thinking it’s because he is still unhappy about me leaving for work. But this morning it hit me that he is probably going through one of those dreaded sleep regressions!!!


What is a sleep regression

I am not the expert when it comes to these sleep regressions, so I did a little research. What is a sleep regression that everyone keeps talking about?

sleep regression refers to a period of time when a baby or toddler who’s been sleeping well suddenly begins waking at night and during naptime, or even refusing to go to sleep at all.

I can neither confirm or deny if my toddler has been sleeping well in the past. It’s always been up and down. But this, that we’ve experienced this week, is definately a sleep regression. Research shows they occur in the following age groups: At around 3 to 4 months, at 8 to 10 months, 12 months, 18 months, and again at 2 years of age. Basically the first two years of their lives haha!



5 Tips for you (and I) to get through a sleep regression as smoothly as possible

Your toddler could be cutting teeth.  With molars and canines cutting through around this age, stock up on some natural teething remedies available at your local pharmacies.

Make sure your toddler is getting enough meals and snacks throughout the day. He very well may be going through a growth spurt too. This can overlap with a sleep regression.

Stay firm and consistent. I love this one. It’s so important for the rest of your toddlers life too. Toddlers thrive on consistency. Let your no be no. Don’t give in, never give in! And always let your yes be yes, always!

Offer a bedtime snack. Obviously one that does not include sugar. Something that is high in protein like a yogurt.

Remain calm and don’t lose your cool. Easier said than done. But, there is nothing more aggravating to an unsettled toddler than their stressed out parent. What you feel, they feel. And it just makes the situation that much harder. I often speak about letting go, and it really is the best thing to do in so many situations, especially ones like these. When you feel like you’ve reached the height of pressure, just take a deep breathe, and let go for a little.


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Much love

Tracy xx



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