Ditch the screens and Play {And WIN a HOT WHEELS Bundle}

TV, tablet, computer, phone, tv and computer games, are all regarded as screen time. No matter what important task you are busy with on any one of those devices, it all adds up. As a full time working mom, it is challenging to keep up with home demands and responsibilities and I often find myself turning to one of the screens as a means of keeping my kids entertained. However, this begs the question, are my household chores more important than my kids mental and physical well being? I have to constantly remind myself of this important rule: Ditch the screens and play!


But lets be honest, kids get bored quickly and often require your participation for most activities, accept the screens. And this is exactly why many parents turn to a one or another screen to keep the kids busy while they finish up on chores and responsibilities or even just unwind. So, lets look into why it is important to cut back on screen time. I’m not talking about cutting it out, rather, simply cutting back. As a parent, it is important to find balance, even if it means putting those chores on hold. In one of my earlier articles, Dear first-time mom – How to get through your first 6 weeks, I noted that it is OK to let the house stand on it’s head for a while. No house ever broke down because of it.


Ditch the screens and play because research shows..


It can cause anti-social behavior

Although research is unable to tell how much of screen time can lead to an anti-social type behaviour in your child at some point in their life, the fact that it can, is motivation enough to cut back.

It negatively impacts your brains thinking ability

Many a time, technology is made to think for you. As a child and even an adult, you can find it harder to remember and harder to problem solve. Considering these are two of the most common activities performed at school, it is imperative that there is plentiful time spent doing activities such as playing indoor and outdoor games, puzzles, sports etc.

It’s not good for your childs health

Because it takes away from the time your child could be doing physical activities, their fitness levels may suffer. Children not only learn through play, but their bodies require lots of exercise.

Your child will not get enough sleep

Every school going child needs a good (and enough) sleep every day. Too much screen time, especially before bedtime, causes your child to take longer to fall asleep. And when they do, the brain takes alot longer to shut down, which inevitably means they are not getting enough or a good enough sleep. And this will make the learning at school difficult.


We can safely conclude then, that limiting screen time is the smart and responsible choice you can make for your kids. There are many ways to do this and it does not always have to be the perfect most stimulating activity. Having them spend more time playing with their toys, puzzles, sports and simply allowing them to use their imagination to make up games, sure can do the trick. My son Liam recently tried out some of the toys from the Hot Wheels collection. Here’s how it went:


Hot Wheels Mutant Machines™

Ditch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Mutant Machine

Ditch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Mutant Machine

Firstly, this is perfect for ages 3+. This action toy wiggles in a pretty cool slithering action, back and fourth, by the touch of a soft button. Obviously Cole (19 months old) tried to get his hands on it several times, but I wasn’t too concerned because I can feel that it’s body is made to last.

Liam gasped with excitement each time it wiggled even though he knew exactly what to expect by the second time it wiggled. Watching it go is so much fun. It keeps him entertained for quite some time while his imagination runs wild with him.

The exciting sounds and music it plays during the slithering movement, makes it all the more fun. Liam paired it up with his Hot Wheels Turbo Expander for double the action and double the fun!

Hot Wheels Turbo Expander™

Ditch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Turbo ExpanderDitch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Turbo Expander


This one too, is perfect for ages 3+. It is pretty much every little boys dream car. Liam has never really been mad about cars to be honest, but since he’s been playing with his Turbo Expander, he’s developed a love for them, more specifically this one.

It’s futuristic with its premier body style and chrome rims. It’s battery operated and has a motorized drive. At the push of a soft button, the engine starts, the lights go on, and then BAM, you then see the hidden engine reveal! And then it speeds off. It plays a realistic driving sound, making it even more real and exciting for the kids. This Turbo Expander is built for speed!


Hot Wheels Floor Puzzle with Pull Back Car™

Ditch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Floor puzzleDitch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels Floor puzzle


The Hot Wheels floor puzzle with pull back car had all of Liams thinking juices flowing. And, because it’s a floor puzzle, it required abit of body exercise during the process.

Obviously that is a bonus! He was motivated to finish up the 100 piece floor puzzle, because the reward was getting to play with the pull back car over it. It’s the perfect activity for in-between returning from school and doing homework as it keeps the mind stimulated in the correct way. It’s also the perfect thing to add to any Hot Wheels collection!


All three Hot Wheels Lights & Sounds vehicles are available at leading retailers nationwide! You can also find more information on any one of the links below:



https://www.instagram.com/HotWheelsOfficial/  @hotwheelsofficial






Ditch the screens and play - South African mom blogger - Hot Wheels


Stand a chance to win this awesome Hot Wheels bundle for your child:

A Hot Wheels Mutant Machine worth R599.99 PLUS a Hot Wheels Turbo Expander worth R899.99 PLUS a Hot Wheels Floor Puzzle with Pull Back Car worth R99.99. These prices are suggested retail prices and may vary according to retailer. This giveaway is open to residents of South Africa only. The winner will selected randomly via random.org. Should the winner not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be selected. Competition closes on Tuesday the 13th of February 2018 and winner will be announced on Thursday the 15th of February 2018.

Congratulations to the winner: LEANDRA DU TOIT

How to Enter:

Comment on this article and tell me one reason you would like to win this bundle for your child.

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Tata for now!

Tracy xx



46 thoughts on “Ditch the screens and Play {And WIN a HOT WHEELS Bundle}”

  • My son is a hot wheels fan, he loves spending time playing with his sister outside in the sand with the cars. They enjoy outside time or just playing. They both need this so they can sit and play together and destress from the day and they can bond

  • My boys would totally LOVE this! They are obsessed with Hot Wheels. We are on a “no toys till birthdays (both in December) and Christmas” drive and so winning these would totally make their day 🙂 Mum and dad would definitely look less mean!!

  • I would love to win this Hot Wheels hamper. My eldest son has fallen victim to technology but my youngest is an explorer. The youngest loves cars and building things… BUT what I have noticed is, most times when my eldest moves away from the tv, it’s to play with his brother on his race tracks or with his cars… and I would love to draw him away from technology with something as awesome as this… not to mention, he turns 6 on the 19th of February so it could be a FANTASTIC birthday gift for him as well. What a great read… keep doing what you are doing 🙂 <3

  • I would love to win this for my daughter. She is obsessed with little cars and can literally play with little cars for hours on end. She loves tv but we manage it so she plays outside and does other indoor activities a lot. Pick me, me!

  • Yes please! My son is completely Hot Wheels mad. He says he wants a Hot Wheels theme for his next birthday. He has that ultimate garage and also builds tracks everywhere with every kind of invention. The other day he was using plastic bottles with holes in them and the tracks went through!

  • I would love to win this for my boy, to add to his collection. He is crazy about hotwheels from young. We sitting on about 60 cars now and the magnetic track and car. He all ready points out which cars he want for his birthday and Xmas which both fall in December… Very long wait for him. Anyway pick me, pick me.

  • My 3.5 year old is a crazy hot wheels fan! He sleeps with them, eats with them, baths with them and even tried to sneak them in his school bag so his friends at school can see them. I’d love to win this prize to surprise him with, and so see the look on his face.

  • My son would absolutely love these! He is in love with the hot wheels collection. It would keep him occupied and would keep him away from his tablet and the tv. He loves cars and anything with wheels.

  • My son, Kieran would love this! He is a car fanatic and we don’t own any hot wheels yet. Would be amazing to add this to his car collection. Such an awesome giveaway and so much truth in your blog post. I too am guilty of allowing too much screen timep

  • My son, Kieran would love this! He is a car fanatic and we don’t own any hot wheels yet. Would be amazing to add this to his car collection. Such an awesome giveaway and so much truth in your blog post. I too am guilty of allowing too much screen time

  • My 5 year old son just loves cars. He can create imaginary world’s and play for hours with his cars.
    We just moved to another province. Today was his first day at his new school where he is yet again a head and shoulders shorter than his classmates 😉
    He did well although teary at first as he misses his bestie back home.
    I’d love to win this prize for him to cheer him up and keep him occupied for hours 🙂

  • My boys are always playing with their toy cars and to add this to their collection would be priceless! They do get screen time but I try to limit it, often chasing them to leave the device and go play outside. 😝

  • My son is a huge Hot Wheels fan… and so is his dad! It’s their “thing”… they collect Hot Wheels toys and spend hours playing with them together. Sometimes I am allowed to play too! We will be having another baby in a few months and I would love to add to my husband and son’s Hot Wheels collection so that they can play and enjoy their special time together while I am in hospital and feeding the baby when we come home.

  • Every time we go to the shop my daughter goes to play with one. we told her we will get her one for her birthday maybe . So this would be amazing 🙂 lol I know lots of people ask why we let her play with “boy toys” but we don’t see it that way kids just like having fun with toys. I’m sure we will all jump in and play with and she will love that. fingers crossed

  • Screen time can also cause lots of angry behavior and issues. So glad to see this issue coming more to the forefront for us parents to see and make changes now.

  • Great post!❤
    I’m actually entering for my daughter, She absolutely loves cars (And princesses!)
    She has a few of her own but nothing as cool as these. I encourage her to play with anything she wants to.. I don’t think a Childs gender should restrict them. She hasn’t been very keen on playing outside for awhile and I know this would be perfect for her to get into that again 🙂 I would really love this 💜

  • What can i say??? Im a grandmum of 5 wonderful screen maniacs. My daughters have finally chosen “toughlove” and they have implemented strict RULES which has brought sanity to their respected families. Holiday periods pose a greater challenge however the RULES are applicable throughout the year! Cutting down significantly on “screen time” has brought about amazing change in the kids temperaments and health. The kids ate more actively involved in outdoor activities/sport/spending time with pets etc. Thank you for a great article which many will relate to and acquire benefit from.

  • Wow my 3 year old son Daniel would love this! His obsessed with Hot wheels and puzzles so this is a big win! This would be such a great way to keep his imagination active instead of him watching t.v so i’m really holding thumbs!

  • I would love to win this for my son. He is 3 years old and is at the most prime business stage of his growth. He keeps us busy and occupied for long hours. However after reading this article I realize now that I too am guilty of using tv time as a means of distracting him whilst I am busy with other house chores. I definitely need to ditch the screens and let him play. Thank you for the great insight and advice

  • My kids loves technology so I have trying to find ways to get them more healthier activities . The hot weeks will be a hit . My 3 sons loves cars And race tracks .

  • I have two boys (9 and 5) as you know with boys it gets very entertaining. They keep me extremely busy and are constantly arguing because they like different things (such as different movies, different channels on DSTV, etc), and im having to play referree. But with these Hotwheels it will unite them no doubt. Both of them loves cars and this will keep them entertained, while i get time to read a book and get some well deserve relaxtion

  • I have two boys (9 and 5) as you know with boys it gets very entertaining. They keep me extremely busy and are constantly arguing because they like different things (such as different movies, different channels on DSTV, etc), and im having to play referree. But with these Hotwheels it will unite them no doubt. Both of them loves cars and this will keep them entertained, while i get time to read a book and get some well deserve relaxtion.

  • My boy loves hotwheels & will go bonkers for this ! I will love this to keep him occupied and develop his fine motor skills by whizzing the car up and down and figuring out the nitty gritty of how the car moves etc. Very stimulating and fun at the same time. Win win situation

  • My son is a major fan of Hotwheels be it videos on youtube or playing with his collection he loves his time with hotwheels. He would be ecstatic to win this prize. I would prefer if he plays with these physically rather than to watch videos.

  • Since the school year has started all my son (grade1) wants to do once he’s home from school is watch TV. It’s becoming really frustrating as he gets very irritated if you ask him to do something else. If I win this for him I’m sure would make alot of difference. Would be able to draw him away from the Tv. He is a huge hotwheelz fan from his bag to his swim floats . Before he started gr R he used to carry a backpack filled with hotwheelz wherever we used to go. Maybe these new toys would inspire him to use his imagination again.

  • My son is 9 years old and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. One of the ways we picked up that he was on the spectrum was because he would always line up all his hotwheels cars in a straight line and would lose it if any once moved them by even an inch. He has loved cars ever since and is a major hotwheels fan. In a way i have Hotwheels to thank for opening my eyes to my sons condition. He is such an imagintaive little boy but gets distracted by cartoons and pc games. Some new toys would definitely be welcome by him and us as it would improve his fine motor and gross motor skills and imaginative play can be very soothing.. Lets be TV free and bring back the imaginative play!!

  • Your review on these products would make anyone just gotta have them. Definitely would love to win these awesome items for my 4 kids that could have them occupied for hours of fun and bonding time together. And less time on technology. Atleast i wouldn’t hear the ‘im bored’ words

  • I want to win this for my Charly girl because she is the living embodiment of how there is no such thing as a “boy toy” 😀 Princess dresses while riding a skateboard, building superhero headquarters for her Barbies or including her favourite cars into her ballet routine, she is all about balance <3

  • First of all, I’m your BIGGEST FAN!!!
    Second of all my Caleb loves cars, he is an absolute for lack of a better term ‘petrol kop’
    Thirdly it’s his birthday coming up on the 17th of Feb and I would LOVE to make his day extra special, because after ‘Januworry’ comes ‘FEDERworry’ for me and I can’t buy him the most fabulous gift like he deserves…
    I would also love to reward him for doing so well in his first month in Grade 1!!
    Your biggest fan

  • My son is a huge fan of anything car related -he is 6. He is also a massive tv fan, and I would much rather have him playing inside or outside with his cars, than to be glued to the tv. Small doses are fine, but healthy imagination play is so much better. He would love this.

  • My son is a huge car fan and as a mother I find it very important for kids to be kids and play as much as possible, with this awesome prize my son and I will have hours of fun outside making tracks in the ground or inside building puzzles and stimulate his brain and concentration span. This would be the best birthday present for my son AJ 🙂 holding thumbs.

  • Would love this for my son as this will encourage him to actively play and spend home with his mum and dad which is very important for his well being, also would like to spoil him with these as I haven’t spoiled him in a long time

  • My son Keeran has been obsessed with hot wheels ever since he reveived a hot wheels bmx bike 2yrs ago. Its always a struggle to leave Toys R Us as he will look at every hot wheels toy box in the shop. When he comes home from school he runs for the tv or PS3. I’ve now made a habit of locking away the PS3 and only taking it out on weekends. Would be real awesome to win this cool hamper for him to keep him busy and especially with his birthday coming up 25th Feb he would absolutely love it.

  • Aaah wow. It’s my sons 7th Birthday on 24th Feb . He would really be in his element with this amazing prize. We having a small little party at home with him. Being Feb and broke this year this would really make his day made. He loves Hot wheels cars and has a little 2 year old brother he loves playing with. He’s such a sweet boy always sharing with his brother.

  • Wow wow wow! My son is number one fan of hot wheels he loves them so much that even sleeping next to them winning this hamper it will put a biggest smile on his face he will go nuts as he have only those small cars for hot wheels but he have lots of fun playing with them even on his dream u will hear him saying brrrrooommm eeeeennnngggg. Peeeep! Crash! Pls pls pick us!

  • These look like such great toys!! I would love this for my little guy, he just loves playing with cars, and at the moment just wants me to sit and play with him, but with a new baby arriving soon, this would be great so he can have something special to keep him entertained when I might have my hands full!

  • Hi there! Well, I have 3 boys aged 4, 6 and 8, and they are car crazy like most boys, everything with wheels is a hit, even bigger bonus hot wheels cool collection! And if it don’t have wheels, they make a plan, haha. Would love to spoil my boys with this, thanks so much

  • My son is 3 years old and already has moments were he is totally stuck to technology ,be it his cartoons on tv or taking our phones which drives me completely insane lol.So I would love to win this for him as he will be so excited and like any little boy at 3 yrs old is already starting to go car crazy lol and we can be techno free aswell for a while….also he has been asking for an awewome car from the toy shop recently so this would be perfect🤗🙈

  • My little boy is car mad at the moment. I love seeing his little face light up as he “brrrmmm brrrmmm’s” his way around the house. 🙂 He would absolutely love these Hot Wheels!

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