5 Practical potty training hacks for moms

Now that Cole is just over a year, I’m super ready to cut nappies out of my budget. I’ve been researching like crazy to find the quickest, hassle free way to potty train. He is not ready for potty training just yet, in my opinion. But based on the development he’s made in the last few weeks, it’s clear that he will be in no time. So I’ve been doing some research and these are 5 practical potty training hacks for moms, that I found, which can make your journey alot easier.


5 Practical potty training hacks for moms - south african mom blogger

5 Practical potty training hacks for moms

Patience is key

This is the most important hack. Don’t give up. Always remember your child will not be going to Grade R in a nappy. He will be potty trained way before then. Time and time again I hear of moms who complain that they’ve done everything but their child just won’t get it right. Potty training can indeed feel like years, if not decades haha! But, as long as you are impatient, your child will not be fully potty trained until you let go.


Use ‘black bags’ between your sheet and mattress

You can never go wrong with this at night. Cut through the plastic on one side so that the bag opens up like a book. This gives you a lot more plastic. Place it under the sheet but over the mattress. This will ensure the mattress is protected. And it will save you a lot of time in cleaning up, especially during the night.


Give yourself a round of applause every time, after YOU have finished using the toilet

This way, you will be teaching your little one that using the potty is a great accomplishment.


Waterproof footwear

Invest in a pair of Crocs or something similar. They are perfect for this. Imagine having to clean shoes/sandals everytime your little one wees? Waterproof shoes need only be rinsed under some water and you’re good to go again.


Progress chart

Stick up a progress chart and let them make a mark every time they successfully use the potty and then reward them with a little treat. When they make a mess, let them help you clean up.


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