Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop from Prima Toys

The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop from Prima Toys kept Cole busy for the longest time anything ever has. He and all of us were well entertained. We had a fun time watching him play and he had so much fun pushing every button and seeing what it can do.

Little Tikes Discover Sounds WorkshopLittle Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop

It has a green plastic hammer which little ones then hit onto the three different colored nails which then light up and play different sounds. This helps babies and toddlers learn how different actions cause reactions, and in this case various sounds. My little one, Cole, has quickly learned which color nails makes which sounds as each nail has its own sound.

It also comes with two yellow balls, which is light weight and perfect for babies and toddlers. The balls go in the drill press at the top and pulling the leaver on the side releases them into the hole. The ball drop had him going crazy, it was so funny to watch. He was so chuffed with himself at getting the balls in so he did it over and over. Considering that the toy was designed to captivate babies and toddlers, promote visual comprehension and hand-eye coordination, it was clear to see that it did all of that.

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop  Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop

The Little Tikes Sounds Workshop is a light weight. Cole carries it around our house with no issues. It does not have any sharp edges so it’s perfectly safe to play with and no risk of him getting hurt. He usually takes it with him wherever he goes. The colors are bright and bold which is so captivating to little ones and it makes it all the more fun. It was perfectly designed with babies and toddlers in mind.

The subtle flashing lights were also quite a hit. Cole was entertained and so intrigued. He loves seeing the lights go on every time he hits a nail.

The sounds are at the perfect level so as to not drive us as the parents insane. Babies and toddlers can play for however long and not be a disturbance. He quickly found his favourite sound too – the short song that plays after hitting the button. I honestly had no idea how much rhythm he has!

How the Little Tikes Sounds Workshop has improved motor skills

Since using the Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop, I’ve seen quite an improvement in Coles motor skills. His hand and eye coordination is right where it needs to be thanks to the Little Tikes Discovery Sounds Workshop. He drops the balls in perfectly, hits the nails on the head and dances so well to the beat of it’s music.  It plays a funky upbeat song that even I can’t help dance to every time Cole presses the play button. Through playing with this toy, he has grown a love for play and music so much and no longer solely relies on us as his parents and sibling to entertain him.

It’s helped build his personality from an early start as he has now discovered his love for music. The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop from Prima Toys is a total hit for me because it’s great stimulation for my little one and the sounds are pleasant to my ears. Happy mommy equals happy baby.

Thank you Mama Magic and Prima Toys for helping Cole learn new sounds and discover his love for music. It certainly brought joy to our whole family!

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop

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