Why online shopping is better – featuring Schnooky Pie

Over the weekend I had to do abit of grocery shopping. Fortunately we got there early-ish and the person at the front of the queue let us and someone else go ahead so we didn’t have to spend too much time waiting to pay. BUT, going to the shops is a nightmare, especially at this time of the year. As a mom of two kids, who works a full-time job, my only time to shop is on the weekend. This is a common factor among many, so guess what, the malls are pack with everyone who faces the same dilemma as me. I no longer enjoy shopping like I used to. Heres why online shopping is better – featuring Schnooky Pie Baby and Toddler Apparel.

This is why I passionately hate going to the shops:

Long long queues. Your kids get hungry and hangry. And your kids are throwing major tantrums

Bad customer service and cannot find the goods you are looking for

Shops are way too full

You spend more time looking for a parking than in the actual mall

You are struggling to push a trolley full of groceries and a stroller and feed the baby

Need I say more?

Why online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky Pie   Why online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky PieWhy online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky Pie Why online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky Pie

How Schnooky Pie has got me hooked onto online shopping!

Coles outfit (shorts and t-shirt) is from Schnooky Pie Baby and Toddler apparel and I’m so impressed at the quality of clothing and the service too is so so amazing. The entire experience was unlike any shopping mall experience I’ve ever had or online shopping for that matter!

First of all, I received my package within three days. When I saw the wrapping, I could immediately sense the feeling of an actual person wrapping my goods. There was a few crayons, a picture and some glitter so it was so much fun for Cole too. (I shared a little video of him unwrapping in my insta-stories.) And a lovely thank you note for my purchase. It felt like I was unwrapping a gift. It was clear to see that there was a lot of effort put in to making sure that I feel all the joy and excitement I felt when I received it!

I think what made it all the more special to me, is knowing that, this was an actual person who put the whole thing together, the entire outfit is made right here in South Africa in the heart of sunny Durban. Schnooky Pie is indeed a Proudly South African brand and it is a one woman band! They’ve been around for three years now! Bonus: The designs of their products are all their own unique brands.

The outfit speaks so much to that. The t-shirt has a drop tail at the back, just look how cute it looks on Cole!! I love the dinosaur illustrations on the t-shirt. It goes perfect with the pair of Schnooky pie boys track pants which are so comfy and versatile for summer! The T will be available for shop from Thursday evening, the 7th of December 2017.

I am so excited to let you know that Schnooky Pie is happy to give all my readers and followers a 10% discount until 31 December 2017. Use the code “liamandcole” at the check out to get your discount. PLUS, they are offering FREE DELIVERY (to SA residents) until 31 December 2017 too!

Why online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky PieWhy online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky PieWhy online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky PieWhy online shopping is better - featuring Schnooky Pie

Now this is why I love online shopping:

I can shop from wherever I want, my bed, lounge, kitchen , car, etc

I can shop in whatever attire I want, my pj’s, shorts and I don’t need to look neat and tidy

No queues

No having to deal with bad service from shop assistants

I can shop at any time

The best part is being able to see exactly what sizes and colors are available

I save petrol ha!

Don’t have to worry about the shops closing

No parking hassles

I can browse AND window shop in peace

Most online shops offer a discount to new customers

Online shopping always feels like a gift from me to me 🙂

Happy shopping!!

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Much love

Tracy xx

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