How swimming lessons helped my child {WIN A HAMPER FROM SPURT SA}

My eldest son has a natural inclination to be cautious in everything he does. Well, most of what he does at least. When it comes to swimming, he needs to feel completely safe before he enjoys himself in the water. Here’s my story on how swimming lessons helped my child plus the chance to win a super cool hamper from Spurt SA!

Before swimming lessons, he would spend hours in the water without his face or hair actually getting wet. And even if the tiniest drop of water got onto his face, he’d get out and dry his face with a towel. This held him back in learning to swim. No matter how much I told him and showed him how to swim and to “just do it”, nothing worked.

I then signed him up for swimming lessons. He had just turned 7. Most parents send their kids much earlier but I just kept hoping it off thinking he will get over his uncomfortableness with time.

how swimming lessons helped my child - Win hamper from Spurt SA

The first day of his swimming lessons and his head was in the water.  His whole actual face. This      was     so    unbelievable     !! I knew the lessons would help, but not on the very first day. Whether it had to do with the heated pool, or the fact that there were other kids also learning to swim, or the amazing coach he had, it worked like a bomb!

My dad taught me and my siblings to swim so I’ve always been convinced that swimming lessons were unnecessary. But when I saw my son willingly put his head under the water, swim to the bottom of the pool to fetch the pool toys, and finish off with a massive smile on his face, I knew it was all worth it!

I would love to hear, did did/do you send your child to swimming lessons?

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