We’ve been featured in the Weekend Argus

It must be the best feeling to open a Sunday newspaper and see yourself in a massive (ok not massive but kind of) picture in the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Argus. You guys, we’ve been featured in the Weekend Argus ya’ll!!

When I was asked to tell my story, I was so excited but it seemed so surreal, UNTIL I saw the article. Marchelle Adams wrote a lovely, fun article, about what moms never thought they’d find themselves doing, until they became a mom. If you’re a mom and read the article, you’ll see that we all pretty much go through similar crazy stuff.

I must admit, that it gets so crazy, it all just feels and becomes the norm in my life. I can’t differentiate between me and the mommy me, ha! It’s tough being a mom hey? But oh-so joyful. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Download the full article here: mayhem in motherhood_tgw


We've been featured in the Weekend Argus


What were the things you never thought you’d do until you became a mom?

PS, You can read all about how my blog performed in its first six months here. Also, read more about being a first-time mom or my motherhood journey.


Much love

Tracy xx




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