Goodness Gang Bedtime stories by Food Lovers Market

We’ve had such a fun time at bedtime this week thanks to the Goodness Gang bedtime stories by Food Lovers Market!

Goodness Gang Bedtime stories by Food Lovers Market

My eldest son is 8 years old and he’s an avid reader. He just can’t get enough. I love that about him and it actually gives me courage to read, because I’m the total opposite.

So Benny Banana, Olly Orange, Bongi Blueberry, Pumi Pea, Betty Broccoli, Manny Mushroom, Adam Apple and Sally Strawberry, aka the Goodness Gang, were collectables at Food Lovers Market and although that has come to an *end, they’ve now introduced Bedtime stories which you are able to either read online or download, on the Food Lovers Market Website after registering.

Goodness Gang Bedtime stories by Food Lovers Market

This is such a great initiative for all kids and even more so for those picky eaters. Although my eldest son is happy to eat his veggies, these stories were a nice way of reinforcing the importance of it. It will be so effective for those who don’t particularly like eating fruit or vegetables.

The characters in the story are colorful and fun however each one represents their own unique personalities which helps kids to understand that all fruit and vegetables are important because they each have their own bit of “goodness” that we need.

Goodness Gang Bedtime stories by Food Lovers Market

These stories have 5 parts and I particularly liked that each part had a color in section. My son thoroughly enjoyed it!

Definitely a thumbs up from us! Heres what Liam had to say.

*You can still redeem your stickers for the Goodness Gang until Sunday, 26th of November 2017


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Much love

Tracy xx

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