Raising children today verses 30 years ago

Raising children today verses 30 years ago - South African mom blogger

Raising children today verses 30 years ago, is hard to say the least. Theres SO much to deal with. It’s become essential for many moms to work full time, leaving them tired, stressed, and not able to enjoy the amount of quality time they would want to spend with their children, with their family. Let alone actually getting to caring for their family. I know so many, including myself, who can sometimes barely keep their head above the water.

Food is not the same

There are SO many ‘amazing’ new foods out there, for babies, children and just everyone in general. They come beautifully packaged and they’re so irresistible. They are sometimes cheap too. But the amount of crap in them is unbelieveable!! Almost everything has MSG in it. You know, that thing that makes all the quick and easy meals and snacks look and taste amazing. And this is one of the biggest disease causing ingredients yet! Try keeping it out of your child’s diet and your child will basically be a vegetarian HA!

TV programs have changed

How hard is it to find something decent to watch on the TV without having to be paranoid of your child being exposed to something he shouldn’t be.

Raising children today verses 30 years ago - South African mom blogger

Everywhere is unsafe

I had such an amazing childhood. I spent most of my days playing outside. You know, what children should be doing. Not today. I can’t allow my kid to play outside, out of my yard with the neighbours kids, unless I am right there watching them. Because anyone can walk into our street at any given time and snatch my kids away. because today, even your neighbour is a stranger!

Both parents have to work

Back in the day, it was ok for only the dad to work. Today, in many homes, both parents need to work. And then mom has to come home and do everything she could have been doing had she been home all day. You know, cooking, cleaning etc. When do you get to spend time with your kids then? Many a time the kids get left to their own devices, stuck in the room, watching who knows what, doing who knows what, because everyone is exhausted.

Life made easier with new inventions

I’m talking about things like diapers, wet wipes, feeding pillow, food pouches. I simply cannot imagine having to change a toweling nappy. It is beyond me.

Increase in child diseases and chronic illnesses

Epilepsy, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Colic, Excema, Food allergies. Urgh, the list can go on and on. Back in the day, these illnesses were unheard of. Literally, because even though the number of kids suffering from them were much less then, parents didn’t talk about it either. It’s just the way it was. How many kids do you know of today that have had grommets? It’s actually ridiculous how health has deteriorated in the last 30 years.

Too many outside influences

Lets face it, as badly as you’d want to protect your child from the wicked world out there, theres no way you can keep them boxed in forever. They will be exposed to the things you don’t want to them to, and it won’t necessarily be because of you. It’s because outside influences are all around us. They’re at school, at the shop, on the TV, in the games, in songs, at friends, everywhere.

Raising children today verses 30 years ago - South African mom blogger

Do you agree with me? Or am I the only crazy one trying prove that parenting today, is harder than 30 years ago?

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Much love

Tracy xx

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