Dear first-time mom – Motherhood described in 20 quotes

You learn so much about yourself when you become a mom. If you’re reading this and are not a mom or about to become a mom, you will surely understand all of these quotes when your bundle arrives. So here it is, motherhood described in 20 quotes.

Motherhood is..

..like trying to stand up in a hammock

..the perfect mix between love and chaos

..realizing you can do almost anything with one hand

..having your heart walking around outside of your body

..like trying to dress and undress a drunk person everyday

..the hardest job you will ever love

..finally appreciating your own mom

..saying goodbye any toilet time or shower time for a long time to come

..a new body, you may like it, you may not

..realizing how much love exists in your heart

..willing to jump into a fire to save your children

..protecting your young

..never knowing what to do and just going with it

..like being on stage with your mic turned off

..like living in a foreign land that you call home

..so difficult and yet so friggen rewarding all the time

..like winning a marathon, except, there’s no end

..like trying to fold a fitted sheet

..is like river rafting, the calm is just so worrying

..like changing a nappy, you just never know what you’re gona get


Motherhood is worth every sacrifice and sleepless night you ever sacrificed!

Moms, how would you describe motherhood? Drop your favorite motherhood quote in the comments section below.

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Much love

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