Toy Box on wheels from Leisure Chests

Today I’d like to tell you all about yet another local, mom owned business, Leisure Chests. We received this stunning toy box on wheels from Leisure Chests a couple of weeks ago. And it’s been a total hit in our home for many reasons!


toy box on wheels from Leisure Chests


So if you have kids, especially little ones, you will agree with me, your home is just never the same. There will always be toys EVERYWHERE. I don’t know if I’m correct in saying this, but boys seem to leave their toys all over whereas girls seem to play nicely and leave their toys together (girl moms please let me know if this is not true).

Now the most annoying part is having to pack up, (nevermind the standing on the lego part) only for those same toys, and more, to be brought right back to the lounge, or kitchen in some cases!


toy box on wheels from Leisure Cheststoy box on wheels from Leisure Chests


So Megan Scott, the founder of Leisure Chests, came up with this brilliant idea, of having a toy box, on wheels, designed to be moved about and placed anywhere in your home! And it really is a brilliant idea, here’s why:

Cole thinks it’s the actual toy, so he plays with it all day long. He is in and out of it all the time and he’s pretty chuffed with himself when he does it. It’s so hilarious to see actually!

Second reason is it’s on wheels so it goes everywhere and anywhere in the house. Where we need it. We keep ours in the lounge because that’s where the kids spend most of their time when we’re indoors anyway.

Third is this. It matches my décor and it doesn’t look like an actual toy box. Well I guess it can be argued but if you have it in the kid’s room, it looks like a toy box but if you have it in the lounge, it looks like it belongs there. Oooh I love the design on it!! And you can have yours custom designed as well! So if you don’t find the design you’re after, Megan will be happy to come up with what you’re looking for.


toy box on wheels from Leisure Chests


So where can you get yours?

Here are all the details you need to get yours:

For Leisure Chests Website, click here

Leisure Chests on Instagram

Leisure Chests on Facebook

Email: info@leisurechests.com

Telephone number: +27 (0)84 726 2727

Go and get yours, you won’t be sorry.

PS You can read more reviews here

Much love

Tracy xx




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