Cetoderm all purpose moisturising cream

From the age of about 2, my son Liam suffered from excema. It used to flare-up on his arms, behind his knees and his neck. He outgrew it at about 5. BUT, he still has sensitive skin. This year, his skin became extremely irritable at the start of spring. I have a similar skin but his is way more sensitive than mine. So I recently received the Cetoderm all purpose moisturising cream from Bennetts to review. We’ve used it for one week and I’ve seen results.


Cetoderm all purpose moisturising cream


What are the benefits?

I thought there was no harm in trying out something that could work together with his sensitive skin and not against it. Apart from the fact that it has been approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa and some other important stuff, what stood out for me was two things: Fragrance Free and Paraben free. And even though it’s fragrance free, it doesn’t have that funny “non scented” smell, which fragrance free products normally have. Now from personal experience, when my skin is irritable from allergies, I don’t even want to hear the word fragrance, let alone smell it, or have it on my skin. So the fact that this product is fragrance AND paraben free, means that it probably will work very well. And it did!


Cetoderm all purpose moisturising cream


Would I recommend it?

There’s been alot of research in making this product which speaks alot to the results! I got Liam to use the cream as a soap substitute as well. I only had him use as a soap substitute from day 3 of using the cream though, and the results are amazing. It kept his skin moisturised which pretty much protected his skin from whatever has been irritating it. The problem was that Liam was scratching his skin because it was itchy but it kept drying up which made it all worse. Since he’s using the cream to wash with and moisturise, his skin looks and feels alot better. His skin is not as irritable and it stays moisturised. So would I recommend it? Definite yes!


Cetoderm all purpose moisturising creamCetoderm all purpose moisturising creamCetoderm all purpose moisturising cream



When and where can you get it?

It will be available at major retailers within about the next two to three weeks for you to purchase. The prices will vary between retailers but the recommended retail price is R49.99 which is not a high price to pay to look after your skin! After all, this moisturiser is for the whole family! And last but not least, Bennetts is happy to send you a sample of this product, and you can find out how to request it here on one of my previous posts: How {pregnant} moms can get free samples in South Africa.


Much love

Tracy xx



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