My toddler won’t eat and I’m letting go

The stress, the stress, and the stress. I briefly touched on this subject before, but I haven’t really gone much into it. I know I’m not alone in this situation. Mine has recently changed though. My toddler won’t eat and I’m letting go. I decided to write about my story and 5 possible reasons why your toddler won’t eat.

My youngest is Cole, and he is 14 months old. He is the total opposite of my eldest, Liam, in so many ways. Sleep for one, but that’s a topic of conversation for another day. Today I’m talking about food.


My toddler won’t eatMy toddler won’t eat


Now that I’ve gotten into my 30’s (early, very early 30’s), I am getting more and more into the habit of letting things go. And my outlook on life is way better too, because of this.

So back to the eating problem. Cole has never really enjoyed eating. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his first solid meal. And I honestly thought that he would continue in that way. But alas, he did not. Liam on the other hand, ate like champ from first bite, and still does. We’ve never had an issue in that regard. Food has never been wasted, and he always compliments the chef. But Cole will not hear of it.

Meal time, especially supper time, has been a very stressful time for us at home with Cole. To the point that I can actually feel my entire body tense up. I become anxious as meal time approaches, and I even count the number of spoonful’s that go into his mouth. Call me crazy, but you will understand this if you’ve been through the same thing.


My toddler won’t eatMy toddler won’t eat


Thing is though, he will take in all the not so good stuff with pleasure. Now I am an aspiring crunchy mom so the thought of my child eating all the bad stuff, you know with all the MSG and sugar and flavoured stuff in it, makes me livered. But I’m at that point where I literally just want my child to eat, so if he likes it and he eats it, and it does not contain anything poisonous and harmful to him, and he eats it in moderation, then I’m happy, and I’m letting go.

My approach on this, developed about a week ago. In fact, pretty much around the time I started writing this post. And he started eating, like, kind of normal. It’s the weirdest thing ever. Could his bad eating habit be linked back to me? Could he sense the tension in me? I’m almost sure he could because since I’ve “let go”, he really seems to be eating so much better.


My toddler won’t eatMy toddler won’t eat


Snookums blog shares pretty much the same sentiments:

“To put it simply, during a picky eating phase it is important to supplement the missing food group by adding a good multivitamin. If you feel your child is missing out on energy (eating too little overall) as well as avoiding a whole food group then adding a milk supplement for picky eaters may assist you in managing this phase to avoid added stress around meal time. You need to diffuse the situation and avoid food battles at all costs. Remember your responsibility is when, where and what you feed your child and your child’s responsibility is how much they eat. It is a phase, which will pass, maintain their health with the use of good sound supplements if necessary and relax as they explore foods and find out their own likes and dislikes!”

I love this and I wish I had realised this earlier. I admit there may be many other factors leading to my child’s bad eating but I’ve realized the biggest influence is the pressure put on him at meal time.

Here are just 5 reasons why your child could be a bad/picky eater:

1.Too much preasure

Studies show that too much preasure on the child to eat can actually cause a sense of immediate fullness.

2.Snacks are replacing food

If your little one is filled up on the snacks, then he won’t be interested in any real food.

3.Too tired to eat

Check that meal time is not too close to bed time and that your little one is getting enough rest during the day.

4.Too many distractions around meal time

Other kids playing around, conversations flowing and the tv going could play a major roll in influencing your childs eating habbits.

5.It’s just a phase

This is more common in children than not so be careful not to give it more attention than it requires as it could turn it into a to prolonged phase.


I’d love to know in the comments section below how you get your little one to get in all the good stuff?

Much love

Tracy xx



2 thoughts on “My toddler won’t eat and I’m letting go”

  • Riley was the same. I also let it go. Now she still loves her sweet things but given choices in food veg tops it all. She would rather have a carrot than bread fish over meat. Not a meat lover but im ok with that because all her other choices are tops. I just never stopped introducing new things and always encouraged them to try it first before deciding they dont like it. Also if they dont like it now try again in a months time. Taste buds change so you never know.

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