{Review} Eemaan Handmade children’s summer range

A little bit about the brand

Eemaan Handmade is a new trendy South African children’s clothing brand. It’s designed and created by one of the nicest, humble humans I’ve met (even though only online), Sumayyah Ally. She is a mom who is inspired by her daughter, Eemaan, and her love for creative styling and fashion. After difficulty trying to source specifically designed items for her own daughter, Eemaan Handmade was born. From fabric selection, to pattern creation, all garments are created with the utmost love and care!

The fabric for each item is sourced locally and they are handcrafted with love. They’re exclusive to The Little Closet and Co. (TLC) which is a local business also owned and run by Sumayyah. TLC offers a wide range of both local and international brands for children and is pretty much a one stop shop for moms to find everything trendy that they need under one roof.


Eemaan Handmade children's summer range


My personal opinion

Ok, so I’ve received two garments from the Eemaan Handmade summer range to review. The one garment was a grey romper worn by Cole in the picture below. There are just too many amazing benefits to this garment. Firstly, it’s totally hip and it’s happening, or should I say trendy!! The design is on point and it’s unisex. It’s not completely fitted at the top and this was purposefully done so that it can be worn on both warm and chilly days. Just remove the layers if your little one gets warm. The leg section is harem style (my favorite) and slightly longer so it has a ruched effect. The fact that it’s slightly longer means that your little one will get lots of wearing out of it! Now that’s what I call true value for money!


Eemaan Handmade children's summer rangeEemaan Handmade children's summer rangeEemaan Handmade children's summer range


The second garment was a stone color harem pants which you can see in the pictures below. I have such a weakness for harem pants, I even got my hubby wearing them!! (And he looks damn cool in them too!) They just so super cool! The Eemaan Handmade harem pants, although part of the summer range, can be worn in both summer and winter since all you need to do is push the leg section up when it’s hot and pull them down when it’s cold. The color is completely versatile as you can dress it up with a winter or summer look. Again, as is with the romper, the harem pants were created with the intention of having a longer wear in them and through more than one season.

Eemaan Handmade children's summer rangeEemaan Handmade children's summer rangeEemaan Handmade children's summer range


Most importantly, with both garments, my little one not only looked good, but he felt good too, he was free to do whatever he wanted to in both the harem pants and the romper.


So how can you get your hands on these trendy garments?

Heres all the info you need:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_little_closet

Online shop: www.thelittleclosetandco.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLittleClosetbySumayyah/

PS I’ve added more of these photos to the gallery page, go and have a look!

Much love

Tracy xx



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