How {pregnant} moms can get free samples in South Africa

How pregnant moms can get free samples in South Africa

Having a child in South Africa is expensive and the thought of how much your bills are going to increase, is daunting. Sometimes the pregnancy is not even planned and that just makes things a tad bit worse, especially if your financial position is not that great. There is a 7 year age gap between our kids. I must admit, the cost of having a baby back in 2008 compared to having one in 2017, are worlds apart. I spent a lot time researching during my pregnancy, especially in my second pregnancy, on how to get samples and discounts. Here you will find everything I know about how moms can get free samples in South Africa.


1. Free samples from Bennetts

I love Bennetts! It’s the only bum cream that works on my little one as his skin is very sensitive around the nappy area. To this day, it’s a staple in our home. I’m happy to tell you, that Bennetts are more than happy to send you some samples of their products. All you need to do, is email your postal address to the following email address and they will send it to you: juanita@colic.co.za

How moms can get free samples in South Africa. Bennetts samples



2. Free samples and big discounts at baby expo’s

Yes you’re going to pay an entry fee but many of the vendors offer samples of their products. The Mama Magic show is an awesome event! Some of the vendors at the expo not only offer free samples, but they also offer huge discounts which are generally exclusive to the expo. I saved so much on diapers just from buying them at the show!

PS: The Mama Magic baby expo will be happening in Cape Town from the 27th until the 29th of October 2017. I’ll be giving away some tickets soon, so watch my blog for the giveaway!!! Enter giveaway here.

How moms can get free samples in South Africa. Mama Magic

3. Free 4D scan and more, from your hospital

It’s the most amazing experience to have a 4D scan. You get to see your little bundle live and in action! It literally feels like they are there in the room with you. That was the most exciting moment for me in both my pregnancies. Most private hospitals have a baby programme which offer free 4D scans. Mediclinics baby program is amazing and these are some of the things you can receive provided you give birth at their hospital:

  • A free 4D scan (available at selected Mediclinic hospitals)
  • A pregnancy journal, which can be collected at your doctor’s rooms or from the Patient Experience Manager at your chosen Mediclinic hospital.
  • Free relevant pregnancy and postnatal information on a weekly basis via email (should you select the option).
  • A luxury baby bag with everything your baby will need for the first few days – excluding baby clothes (selected hospitals do supply clothing). See picture below, the contents may vary.
  • A certificate with your baby’s footprint.
  • The option to announce your baby’s arrival with a photo on their website.
  • A special celebration surprise for new parents.

Please visit their website for the full terms and conditions.

 How moms can get free samples in South Africa. Mediclinic

4. Sign up to all the retail stores’ baby reward programs

Yes you’re not exactly going to get something free on every reward program but you can save yourself alot on some great discounts. My favourite one is the Woolworths one. You can’t go wrong when signing up for this rewards programme. Woolworths is known for their quality products. So whether you’re buying on sale or not, you are going to get value for your money. I simply love their quality sales! The Little World programme is fantastic! Some of the benefits included are:

  • An exclusive welcome voucher emailed to you
  • You will be treated to a free spa voucher when you spend R450 or more (how awesome is this!!) and,
  • You will also enjoy the benefit of Instant WRewards savings.

So here’s a list of some of the retailers that offer a baby reward program, and their website address for sign up, just click on the link:


5. Free baby bag via your Medical Aid

Most medical aids have a baby reward program. When I was pregnant with Liam, I was with Discovery Health. I was on their rewards program (Vitality). I received a lovely baby bag + other free sample products which included a Nuk soother (The contents vary). When I was pregnant with Cole, I was with Momentum Health, and they also offer a baby program. You will receive a beautiful Caboodle bag along with other free samples.


6. Free baby bag from Dischem

The Dis-Chem Baby Programme offers a very pretty, black and white baby bag if you join their baby programme. The bag is perfect for moms having a boy or girl. The contents of the bag vary’s from bag to bag. You will receive this lovely baby bag if you earn 975 or more benefit points on your Dis-chem card and book a consultation with their Clinic Sister (Cost is between R30 and R52 for the consultation). The consultation includes a Blood pressure check, an evaluation of pregnancy and information on baby services.  Please visit them in store or their website for the full terms and conditions.

How moms can get free samples in South Africa. Dischem baby bag 



7. Free Huggies nappy sample

A friend of mine told me about this so I called them to confirm if they give samples to moms who contact them, and they confirmed they do. Huggies will happily provide you with a sample of their diapers. All you have to do is fill in your details on their website or give them a call on 0800 11 57 11.

How moms can get free samples in South Africa. Huggie free sample


I hope I’ve covered everything here but if theres anything I missed, please drop it in the comments section below 🙂

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Much love

Tracy xx


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