Liebeskind baby wear

I’ve been wanting to do a review on the Liebeskind baby wear for a while now, and so here it is.


Liebeskind baby wear


Two sisters, also moms themselves, started this local online store. Their clothing range is designed and made locally. Three things that stood out for me when I came accross this brand: Trendy, Practical, Easy on the pocket! The fact that it is manufactured locally, is a major bonus!


Liebeskind baby wear


When buying online, you don’t really know what you’re buying until it’s delivered. Let me tell you, if you’re buying something from Liebeskind you can rest assured that you’re going to get exactly what you bought and more! The fabric is soft and warm, and it is great quality (100%cotton)!


Liebeskind baby wear


An added bonus is napping changing time. You literally just unzip around the nappy area, change nappy, and walaa! If theres anything that irritates me, it’s having to undress Cole during nappy change, especially during winter. Pulling off a million things, while my wild little one is rolling and pulling and kicking… it’s not an easy task. But with a Liebeskind zippy grow, nappy change time is less stressful and alot quicker.


Liebeskind baby wear


And last of all, something that is always important to me is the people behind the product. Knowing the people behind the product are so kind and really just lovely people, makes my buying experience a whole lot more worth it! So go on, go and get yours!

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Much love

Tracy xx




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  • Hi there , love your baby range. Bout one of your growers at the Stellenberg market, wanted to go back to buy another but market was closed. Can I order more and are you in the durbanville area. Regards lesley

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